Smoothies have long been on everyone’s lips – in the truest sense of the word. That’s not surprising, because they not only taste good, they are also extremely healthy! 

If you combine Power drinks with essential oils now, you can even increase the health value of the smoothies. Essential oils promise many positive effects on body, mind and soul. For the smoothie you choose in particular the essential oils of herbs and edible plants. We present to you today five delicious recipes for essential oil smoothies.

Essential oils in a smoothie

Smoothies provide us with the daily extra of vitamins , antioxidants , trace elements, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber and enzymes . We all need them to stay healthy and fit. Combining smoothies with essential oils and thereby benefiting even more from the healthy drinking diet seems only logical. Because essential oils give each smoothie specific healing effects and a deliciously unique taste.

Essential oils can have very different effects depending on the oil. They can be mood -enhancing , antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and much more. In this way, they affect our health and our emotional life extremely positive. So you can almost make a cure with the help of the essential oils from a smoothie and pick out those essential oils whose effect you just need.

Which essential oils are in the smoothie?

It goes without saying that in a smoothie, of course, only essential oils of edible plants are used. Especially popular are citrus oils, such as lemon, orange and grapefruit oil. These taste refreshing and also have pronounced immuno-stimulating effects. In addition, they have a mood-enhancing, antibacterial, antitumoral and antiviral effect and at the same time help with detoxification.

But other essential oils, such as herbal or spice oils, can be used in the smoothie. For example, essential basil , marjoram, peppermint or clove oil can be used . These also have a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect, but they also help on the mental level, making it easier to live in the here and now. The peppermint oil refreshes additionally and invigorates body and mind.

Also essential oils of edible flowers taste very good in the smoothie and give the drink an exquisite note. Here are mainly used rose oil or lavender oil, both of which have a strong balancing effect and bring us into close contact with our feelings.

Last but not least, essential oils derived from edible resins can also be added to the smoothie, for example, essential copaiba or frankincense oil, both of which have excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and wound healing properties. Copaiba oil comes from the resin of the South American Copal tree and is used in the folk medicine of the Indians due to the strong effect on many complaints – from respiratory diseases on digestive complaints including gastritis to joint and circulatory disorders.

Naturally, the essential oils can also be applied to the skin – mixed in a base oil. They then work both on your scent and on the skin, which lets ethereal oil components pass very well.

Essential oils in the smoothie – the dosage

Since the essential oils provide the essence of the plants in a highly concentrated form, caution should be exercised when using aromatic oils with essential oils: the taste of the plant is also highly concentrated in the essential oil. A drop more can thus be already too much and affect the taste of the smoothies unfavorable. So better dose carefully! If necessary, you can always spice it up.

Smoothies with essential oils – The recipes

Whether chocolaty, berry or lemony-spicy – with our subsequent recipes you will find the right ethereal oil combination for every smoothie taste. We wish you a lot of fun and good appetite.