Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) and How to Use it

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Raspberry leaf should be a girl’s best friend in her herbal medicine cabinet.  There are many uses for raspberry leaf that benefit women, but don’t think it’s not for everyone!  Safe, effective, and inexpensive – and of course let’s not forget all-natural!  

Found: Throughout the U.S.

Identifying: The raspberry bush grows upright and shrubby and has a smooth and bristly stem.  Sometimes the prickles are hooked, sometimes not.  Usually 3 – 7 oval leaves on a stem.  The flowers are white.  

Parts Used:  Leaf, root, fruits

Medicinal Uses:  Tea made from the leaves is astringent, and in folk medicine it’s often used for diarrhea (one to two cups of tea), dysentery, strengthening pregnant women, relieving morning sickness, and to aid in childbirth.  Has been shown in studies to be effective for childbirth by stimulating the uterus at the beginning of labor; also shown to relieve menstrual cramps.  Raspberry juice boiled in sugar can be gargled to soothe inflamed tonsils.  For bedwetting issues, raspberry leaf tea helps tone the pelvic muscles. Leaf tea good for burns, as it helps the skin form a barrier on the wound.  PMS syndrome reliever.

What Makes it Work: Active compounds and ferulic acid within the plant stimulates and relaxes the uterus.  Contains tannins which will help stop a burn from oozing.

Allergic Reactions and/or Warnings:  Since raspberry leaf tea is a uterine relaxer, the book Prescription for Herbal Healing by Phyllis A. Balch recommends pregnant women not drink “more than two cups in any single day, or more than twice in any given week – during the first trimester of pregnancy.”  If you want to use raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, please discuss it with your doctor first.

Note: Always consult a health professional before using any herb or medicinal plant. These posts are not meant to be a medical guide but an overview.

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