Relieving Anxiety with Herbs and other Natural Remedies

Photobucket Image HostingNote:  Keep in mind I’m not a health professional.  The information I provide to you here is meant to be a stepping stone.  For more thorough information, please always search for a trusted doctor, qualified herbalist, or other health professional.

Not everything goes smoothly in life, but when you hit a personal bump in the road like anxiety disorder, it can all but derail you.  Everyone has periods of anxiousness or experiences raw nerves and sleepless nights from time to time, but for some of us anxiety hangs on, seemingly without any rational cause. Are there any herbs that can relieve anxiety?

My very first piece of advice is to seek professional help if you experience this anxiety for more than a few months.  Anxiety disorder can be very intense, and if you’ve ever experienced it, then you know.  While I do believe there are herbs that can help relieve symptoms, your best bet is to research these herbs beyond this article, then find a trusted professional (osteopathic doctors are often open to herb usage, but few MD’s are) and ask them if they think it will help.  Another wonderful option that has given many people help is neurofeedback. I highly recommend looking into that one as a chemical-free way to deal with many mental issues.  

There are several herbs that have been used through the generations to relieve the symptoms of anxiety.  Although it may sound rather simple, chamomile tea can certainly help calm an anxious person.  Taken one to three times daily, it even helps relieve allergy symptoms which have been known to exacerbate anxiety.  (Asthma is another anxiety and panic attack trigger.)  

We’ve all seen those annoying drug company commercials about how depression causes physical pain. This is actually true for many people.  Anxiety can cause physical pain as well.  But some people find a natural cure to this pain with kava, not to mention relief from anxiety and sleeplessness.  Maybe you’ve heard adverse things about kava, but these concerns are finally being put to rest.  To hear more about the issue, Herbal Ed has a great podcast that will tell you all about the benefits and safety of kava. Click the link and scroll down the page – there are three parts to the series and you’ll want to hear all of it – a fascinating podcast series.  

Another common herb for anxiety, as well as depression, is St. John’s wort.  I love this herb for many reasons and recently got the opportunity to harvest some in the wild.  A good St. John’s wort herb doesn’t smell very nice, but it is quite effective.  If you’re not prone to traipsing through the woods in search of your own herbs, St. John’s wort is readily available at health food stores.  But as with any herb, make sure you let your doctor know if you’re taking it.  If you’re already on any medications, in particular antidepressants, ask your doctor before you try any herbs.

While relieving anxiety may not always be simple, nature does provide several wonderful medicinal plants to aid us on our journey.  Learning what we can about these plants and natural remedies allows us to not only help ourselves but to pass that help onto others as well.  

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  1. Are any of these herbs contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding moms? I there are not a of studies done on herbal remedies, but wondered if you knew anything. For me, hormonal shifts exacerbate anxiety issues in my life. It would be great to be able to take something especially when I’m pregnant!

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  2. Hi Mama K,

    I’m actually going to interview an herbalist today, and we’ll be talking about these things. The podcast should be posted sometime next week. We’ll be talking about herbs for nursing and pregnant moms, herbs used for stressed moms, and what herbs are good for babies and children. Should be just the info you’re looking for!

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  3. I`ve also suffered from anxiety attacks for more than for years. It was horrible. I finally managed to overcome it. What you need is to first accept it even before starting to treat it. Accepting and facing it is one of the most important key factors to your healing.

    Exercies and body relaxation methods will help. However medication is not the cure. It`s a short time relief and nothing more.

  4. Nice. I’ve been using St. Johns Wart for some time. It really does work well. That said, nothing will stop the anxiety if you’re not actively working on the root of your problem…whatever that may be.

    Therapy is always a good place to start. It will help you find out what’s truly triggering the panic. Once you know, you can work smarter to fix what’s wrong.

    Nice article!

  5. Anxiety Relief for Pregnancy: In most cases, chinese medicine and standard herbology do not recommend formulas. However, there is one formula that has been provided for many years without difficulty. In fact, the result has been consistant restoration of the mother’s health and support of the baby. Each woman needs to be asked some questions to ensure the formual will benefit. Any practitioner who recommends one formula fits all, especially in the concern of pregnancy, runs the risk causing some imbalance. The formua will lower anxiety because the mother’s deficiency is corrected. Within 1.5 hours balance is restored. For people who are anxious or even more extreme conditions, there is High Spirits at Humbly submitted, Mark

  6. Most herbs are contraindicated for pregnancy. For instance, Panax ginseng warms most of the channels in the body. The over-heating element in the herb is not worth the risk to the baby though it would be energizing to the mother and improve her blood.
    Whereas, these herbs have historically beneficial for pregnant women. Tang-kuei and Peony Formula with 6 ingredients and additions, eucommia or cuscuta (for kidney deficiency syndrome), gelatin (for blood deficiency), and/or scute (for heat or damp heat). The herbs are recommended because it is extensively used in China and Japan and has been monitored in many large-scale clinical trials with pregnant women. The herbs were first recommended for use during pregnancy in the “Jin Gui Yao Lue”, and has been used regularly for the past 1,800 years. Animal studies have been done, showing no teratogenic effects (tendency to cause birth defects). The experience with the formula is overwhelmingly positive. It is used for treating female infertility, for morning sickness, anemia during pregnancy, and to prevent miscarriage. It has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health. The formula can be made as a tea and is available as a powder, granule, capsule, tablet, and tincture from various suppliers in the U.S., but is not sold in stores, only prescribed by health professionals. Source: Institute for Traditional Medicine Please consult a Chinese Medicine master herbalist as opposed to a specialist in accupuncture or American herbology.

  7. A great deal of natural therapies are quite helpful in reducing panic attacks but for me the Linden method has been the most practical and useful one on the market. It’s like having a real person walk you through, step by step, not a bunch of “psychobabble”. It respectfully addresses every aspect of panic you have experienced. Advice includes reasons why you might have this “problem” and how to cope, realistically. Great program!

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  9. Anxiety and depression is one hell of a nasty disease. even if you have everything but if you have clinical depression, you are still nothing.~.~

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