Remodeling Your Bathroom the Green Way

Enjoy today’s guestpost and gather some remodeling tips for your bathroom – the green way, of course!

When thinking about redesigning your home, your bathroom is a great place to start. Whether you want to install premiere bath vanities throughout your home, or you simply wish to brighten up the room, a bathroom project is a great way to begin any home redesign. Bathrooms are small, simplistic, and easy, making them a great starting point. Remodeling and redesigning your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive and taxing. A few simple tips can help you plan an eco-friendly and efficient remodel, which can end up benefitting your entire home.

Start Down Below

When remodeling your bathroom, start thinking about the water. Does it have good pressure? Does it stay hot long enough? You may want to consider having the pipes inspected. A single leaky pipe somewhere in your system gone unnoticed can end up wasting a lot of water, raising your costs. Your hot water heater may need replacement as well. Newer piping, as well as a new energy efficient water heater can not only lower your water and electricity usage, but will also make your bathroom experience more enjoyable.

Efficient Replacements

When replacing your faucet, shower head, or toilet, consider eco friendly options. For example, you could save water by purchasing a low flow shower head or toilet. These products are specially designed to do more, while conserving water. Also, older faucets tend to have lead in them, whereas newer faucets are required to be made with less than 0.25% of lead. Lead can be damaging to your health, as well as the environment. Be certain to properly dispose of any older faucets, to avoid lead contamination.

Recycled Materials

You would be surprised at how much stuff you can find nowadays that is made from recycled materials. Everything from flooring, countertops, and glass can be made from recycled materials. Try to find as many eco-friendly materials for your bathroom remodel as you can. There are many companies that offer gorgeous countertops made from recycled materials. Recycled glass can be used to create a beautiful backsplash. And if you are buying new, non-recycled materials, check up on the company and see if they are environmentally friendly before purchasing.


Decorating you bathroom can be difficult. But, there are many simple and easy ways to decorate without harming the environment. One good choice is adding a piece of recycled artwork. You can find recycled artwork online, as well as in many stores. To brighten up the room, you can add a plant, or fresh flowers. You could also collect stones, and display them neatly in a bowl. These simple, costless ideas can make any bathroom seem elegant.

A bathroom redesign may seem like a big deal, and it may seem impossible to do such a big job without having a big impact, but with the right mindset and a few eco-friendly choices, you can do it. Your bathroom will come out looking, feeling, and working better than ever. Your energy and water costs will be lowered, and your impact on the environment lessened. Make a difference, and choose to go green in your remodel.