Reusing Kirkland Disposable Baby Wipes!

I read one of the coolest recycling tips for moms recently. Green Girl’s Guide explains how the “disposable” baby wipes Costco sells are actually made out of fabric. So they can be washed and reused! I only use disposable wipes for travel, and so I buy those tiny little travel packs. At home, I use baby washcloths with my own baby wipe solution. But I never have enough of those darned washcloths, and I hate to run the washing machine all the time. And I can always use some extra dust cloths and rags.

What about keeping a bag full of these for use instead of paper towels? Before you get all grossed out about reusing these, the washcloths I use now are washed in hot water with vinegar and Borax, extra rinsed, and dried on high heat. Any fabric is sterile after all of that!

So thanks to Laura and Karen at Green Girl’s Guide. Very cool tip!

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3 thoughts on “Reusing Kirkland Disposable Baby Wipes!

  1. I’ll have to check these out. In the past, I’ve washed my disposable wipes with my cloth diapers so I wouldn’t have to throw out the dirty wipes and smell up our garbage, but they always shred and stick to the Velcro on my diapers. Sounds like Costco’s will hold up better! One note, also… I think the residual cleanser on the wipes was causing a build up on my diapers when I washed them, so maybe washing them separate from the diapers isn’t such a bad idea! I’m done rambling. : )

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