Shapescapes – One Smart Toy

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I love a good educational toy.  Anything that can stretch the imagination and provide my son with absorbing play is a real treasure.  I expected that’s what we had on our hands when I first opened the box of Shapescapes.  What I didn’t figure on was being lost in play myself.

Shapescapes is a fantastic learning toy for kids of all ages.  My son isn’t quite three, so I knew this would be one to require supervision due to the smaller parts included.  Surprisingly, I not only supervise, I dig right into the set myself.  Shapescapes is an absorbing toy for the youngest of inventors to the oldest of adults.  Much more versatile than blocks, Tinkertoys, or any other building toy I’ve ever tried, this set of 90 plastic pieces can be hooked together nearly any way you can imagine since you can connect them in a wide variety of ways.  The result?  My toddler can whip together a creation that sculptor Alexander Calder would declare a work of art.  And my stuff is almost as good.  Next dinner party at my house, I do believe I’ll be borrowing my son’s Shapescapes.  I’d love to put the set on a table and give us adults a crack at artistic genius too!

One thought on “Shapescapes – One Smart Toy

  1. This toy is really great. I’m a teacher (staying home with my children currently) but would love to have a set of these in a future classroom. They truly are for kids of all ages. Imagine children creating a story around their sculpture or working together to make a simple animation- fantastic.

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