“Simply Neutral” House Cleaning Trio Giveaway

PhotobucketCongratulations to Christine – happy cleaning!!!

I’ve been waiting for this giveaway and it’s finally here!  If there’s one thing I am insistent upon keeping chemical free in my home, it’s cleaning products.  So when I got my Value Pack from Simply Neutral (There’s one for you too!) I couldn’t wait to try them out.  Simply Neutral’s cleaning products are 100% natural with no preservatives, no added fragrance, no nasty fume-filled chemicals.  The scents you experience while cleaning are from the essential oils they select for their cleaning properties, and that’s it.  I spent a great deal of time scrubbing my kitchen and bathrooms with these products, and my two-year-old was nearby throughout most of it.  I felt perfectly safe.  

The three products in this giveaway set includes: One full-sized bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner, one full-sized bottle of No-VOC Glass Cleaner, and one full-sized bottle of Non-Abrasive Cleaner.  The Non-Abrasive Cleaner works every bit as well as the commercial bleach scrubby stuff without giving you a chemical hand bath; believe me, I have one tough kitchen sink!  It’s an old one with worn-away glaze, and I managed to get that thing sparkling.  The No-VOC Glass Cleaner works wonderfully, better than my old standby of vinegar and water.  Besides, it’s unscented so my house doesn’t smell like a tossed salad when I’m done.  The All-Purpose Cleanser has essential oils that smell wonderfully, and man, does that stuff work on my stove!  I am not the neatest of cooks, not by a long shot.  So it’s nice having a bottle of this at hand.

Now I’ll bet you’d like to clean up on this giveaway!  Here’s your chance.  Simply Neutral will send one lucky winner their Value Pack.  (If you can’t wait, you can buy your own Value Pack online for only $14.99.  These are big bottles, and the price is fantastic compared to other natural cleaners.)

4 Ways to Win

1.) Visit the Simply Neutral site and take a look around.  Come back here and tell me something you liked or learned during your visit.  Remember, leave an interesting comment.  If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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3.) Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post.  Come back and leave me a Comment with a link to your blog post.

4.)  Yes, there’s a #4 now!  It is NOT required to enter, but if you purchase something from Simply Neutral, come back and let me know.  I’ll throw your name in the hat again.

Feel free to do all four, and you have four entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Friday, August 1, 2008, to enter.

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247 thoughts on ““Simply Neutral” House Cleaning Trio Giveaway

  1. i like the go green starter set and that they are selling concentrates which means less packaging!

  2. I am always trying to get more environmental-friendly products to use so that we’re not killing our planet with all these chemicals. I just find that the cost of these environmental-friendly products are usually much more expensive than the alternative.

    Simply Neutral is a bit on the pricey side but they sure have a lot of great sounding products and great selection. It would also be great if they offered a coupon code, encourage more people to use these products!

  3. I liked the cleaning tips. I’d like to try the Pure Green 24 natural disinfectant and deodorizer.

  4. I like the Organic cotton produce bags. I alwas feel bag when I am using th plastic ones in the store.

  5. I like the resources page. The websites look interesting and the books will be headed towards my reserve list at the library as soon as i finish my current stack.

  6. i would love to try the go green starter pack! i really liked the site it was easy to navigate and loook for items

  7. I really liked the Biodegradable Wipes. I use pre-moistened towelettes a lot but would definitely consider using these instead since using them would be so much more enviromentally friendly. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  8. I learned of a recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that found found that most chemicals used in consumer products have never undergone federal safety review. Nice.

    Another example of going where the money is.

  9. Their sponges!!! They can be washed in the laundry or dishwasher. And they last longer than regular sponges too. Who knew!?!

  10. I really want to make the change to using all natural cleaners. This would give me the boost I need.

  11. I was a bit surprised to see Tea Tree listed as an ingredient. I use it on my hair, but I didn’t know it was used as a cleaning agent for other things as well. Who knew? :)

  12. As an alternative to using caustic products, use undiluted vinegar or lemon juice and let sit before cleaning with a non-abrasive cleanser. This is extremely valuable advice to me and I am going to try it today!

  13. I love that they’re green! I’m allergic to other chemical cleaners and I’m looking for a green alternative that really works well.

  14. The towelettes are a fascinating product! Love the trio as well. I clean other people’s homes too and the idea of a safe concentrate, that really works (very important) really interests me.
    Thanks for a chance.

    Crayls last blog post..One Week Left.

  15. i LOVE that it’s non-toxic, we have a dog so i’m always worried when we’re spraying around his territory, since he’ll lick anything that smells different

  16. The cleaning agents in Simply Neutral biodegrade rapidly making them great for the environment.

  17. The interesting thing I learned at the Simply Neutral web site is also very disturbing:
    A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that most chemicals used in consumer products have never undergone federal safety review. In fact, the EPA has required testing for fewer than 200 of the 62,000 chemicals used in commerce since the agency began reviewing chemicals in 1979.*

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