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Looking to green up your lifestyle?  Journalist Vanessa Farquharson was too.  While working for a conservative Toronto newspaper, she was inspired to do something to reduce her carbon footprint – something a little more drastic and – well, public.  Vanessa decided that over the following year, she’d add one new challenge a day to live a more eco-friendly life.  And she’d blog about it.  The result is Sleeping Naked Is Green: How an Eco-Cynic Unplugged Her Fridge, Sold Her Car, and Found Love in 366 Days, a funny, unbelievably candid, and inspiring book that takes you into the life of a young city woman gone eco.  

I found Sleeping Naked Is Greento be a true inspiration.  Vanessa didn’t start out as a tree hugging granola cruncher in Teva’s.  With a taste for the finer things in life, it was definitely going to be a challenge for her.  (Giving up imported wine for local can be a real drag if you don’t happen to live in France.) But day by day, she made changes – some small like switching to recycled paper, and others big like unplugging the refrigerator and (one of my personal favorites) building a compost bin filled with worms to sit in the corner of her apartment.  Farquharson is so open about everything from her mistakes and embarrassing mishaps to her dating life that readers will quickly think of her as a friend.

Even more so, anyone who reads Sleeping Naked is Green is bound to think, “Maybe I can do some of these too.”  Okay, so maybe we all don’t feel up to the challenge of composting in our living rooms or selling our cars and hoofing it more often.  But I don’t think Vanessa started out that way either. The biggest message here is that anyone can make some sort of change to their current lifestyle.  Even the smallest, such as turning off the lights when you leave a room, start to add up to something larger.  I thoroughly enjoyed Farquharson’s ability to make me laugh and the overall tone, which was not a finger-pointing “you’re killing the earth and you’ll go down with it”  smack over the head, but an inspiring “it wasn’t easy but I did it”.  I found that a lot of the simpler changes I was able to integrate into my own life immediately after reading about them.  (You’ll read about one of them soon on this blog –  and it’s a little extreme, but I’m doing it.)

If you learn best while laughing, if you’re looking for positive changes that you can handle, and if you need to be reminded it’s okay to make mistakes and keep on going anyway, then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Sleeping Naked Is Green.  It hits bookstores today (June 11, 2009).  And what’s more, I have three copies to give away!  

(Check out Vanessa Farquharson’s blog Green as a Thistle while you’re at it – it’s added to my blogroll as well.  And make sure to look for the upcoming interview here with Vanessa Farquharson!)

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  1. Irecycle the water in my fish tank by giving it to the plants in my organic garden. They love it.

  2. I reuse old coffee cans to store things in, dry goods and supplies like flour and nails, dice, and index cards.

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  5. I do lots! Recycle, use CFLs, use my own bags while shopping, work out at home instead of driving to the gym, etc. This sounds like a great read. Thanks!

  6. Our family is about as green as you can get without dying hair! We have the thermostat set high in the summer so the air conditioner doesn’t run all day, we use water saver toilets, we use recycleable plates, we recycle all bottles/cans/bags etc., we use only green eco-friendly cleaners, we use the energy efficient light bulbs and only turn on lights when it becomes absolutely necessary to function, we share magazines with other people instead of throwing them away, we plant only xeriscape plants in our yard, we water only one day a week and only for a couple hours, we plant trees when we have the opportunity to, we only buy recycled paper towels, we reuse water for more than one purpose, we don’t wash our cars, we use canvas shopping bags etc.

  7. When I use the dishwasher I only use eco-friendly detergents, use the shortest cycle needed, and turn off the heat drying to let them air dry.

  8. I repaced my light bulbs with energy saving ones and I am repacing my appliances with energy saving ones.

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