Smith & Truslow Organic Spice Giveaway

Here’s something I’ve been hunting down for quite awhile now: High quality organic spices. I’ve seen organic spices in the supermarkets, and since spices can be so costly, I wasn’t willing to fork over my dough for just anything, especially if it’s been sitting on the store shelf for a long time. But upon discovering and being able to cook with Smith & Truslow, I’m confident I found the right stuff!

Smith & Truslow is not only organic, it’s ground fresh with the expiration date clearly placed on the packaging so the spices never lose their intensity. I know, I know. If you’re like me, you have spices sitting in the cupboard that you probably got as a wedding gift. (Mom, are you nodding your head? She gets the A+ for antique spice collection of the year! But I cut her some slack because she grows her own too.) But believe me, when you taste freshly ground organic spices, you’ll dump out all that old stuff in a heartbeat!

I tried the dill and ground yellow mustard in my potato salad, and it really tastes fresh! A very noticeable difference. And maybe you’ve read my recipe for homemade vanilla extract here before. The beans I usually buy are kind of tough because they probably sat around awhile before I got to them, but these are so soft and smell wonderful! Also impressive is Smith & Truslow’s oregano. I grew my own last year, and this is surprisingly similar in taste to what came out of my garden.

Here’s the best part of all: Smith & Truslow put together a custom box of nine 1-ounce jars of their most popular herbs and spices just for dkMommy Spot! One of you will win an attractively packaged $54 box full of cooking goodies. Here’s what I have waiting for you: Ground Cinnamon, Ground Ginger, Ground Cayenne, Curry Powder, Lemon Peel, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Ground Cumin, and Tarragon. Doesn’t that just make you want to break out your favorite recipes to see if they taste even better?

3 Ways to Enter:

1.) Leave a comment telling me what interests you the most at Smith & Truslow. You can name a product, mention a feature of the website, or tell me something about their business in general that appeals to you.

2.) Subscribers are automatically entered into this and all future giveaways. Just click here: Subscribe to dkMommy Spot by Email (Please make sure to verify your Feedburner subscription by responding to the email they send you. If you don’t receive it, check your junk mail.)

3.) Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post.

Do all three, and you’ve got three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Wednesday, May 28, 2008, to enter.

Psst!  If you like giveaways, dkMommy Spot is also giving away 3 Skin Care Kits.

323 thoughts on “Smith & Truslow Organic Spice Giveaway

  1. Everything on the site looks so fresh and flavorful; I’m inspired to clean out my spice rack!

  2. I have slowly gone organic in my cooking and since I use a lot of spices in my cooking I feel that having organic herbs and spices is another extension of changing to a more healthy way of living.

  3. great giveaway!

    I like the freshly ground spices and the variety…I agree with the person who is inspired to start fresh and clear out her spices, I am tempted to do the same

  4. Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs but I’ve never tried it dried before. Sounds like Smith and Truslow would be the best way to start! Thanks for the contest.

  5. I really like the fact that the website lists the health benefits associated with the various herbs and spices.

  6. I like that they have “big bold flavor in a small dark jar.” Very interesting information on storing spices.

  7. the idea of “going organic” is becoming more and more appealing to our family, and we are also using herbs as a healthy way to provide more flavor in our dishes for health awareness. this set sounds like a great condition to our kitchen. thanks so much for the contest!

  8. reading your description made me want to try them so badly. i like that their products are organic. i would love to have that delicious fresh taste

  9. You have fantastic giveaways. I would love to win them all! These spices look so yummy I want to eat them off the computer. I am so into organic now as I learned I have scoliosis and it could have been fixed at a young age due mostly to diet. No cow’s milk I have been told. So changing everything in my diet now to start correcting my spine while I am still young (or so I think) Please enter me in this giveaway so I can continue my journey of health. Thanks.

  10. Your site looks great! I found your blog via Google while searching for italian cooking oils and your post regarding Smith & Truslow Organic Spice Giveaway looks very interesting to me. I have seen many other so-called sites and they have been far from good quality.Your site has all the key ingredients to pulling in visitors.

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