“Space Ants” Ant Farm Set Giveaway

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Ants and Technology Meet...Finally
Ants and Technology Meet...Finally

When I was a kid I had an ant farm.  It was filled with sand, and I had to order the ants.  They arrived in a tube, and I remember how fascinating it was to watch them interact; how they shook antennae as they passed in congenial greeting, how they tunneled and worked as a team.  But my ants weren’t very space age savvy.  They didn’t know about NASA or going to space, and they didn’t live in a gel that would support their lives if they so chose to take up the mission, pack their little ant trunks, and head out into the final frontier.  

The ants sitting on our bookshelf today are ready for anything, including a trip into outerspace.  Space Ants by Fascinations is a unique ant farm that combines learning about the underground world of ants with some space age technology.  The ants in the Space Ants farm live in a gel that contains all the nutrition and building material they’ll need to live out their tunnel-digging lives in well-fed bliss.  Parents can teach their kids about teamwork, nature, and technology all with the Space Ants as a great learning tool!  And I gotta say it looks pretty cool on a bookshelf…

Want to win your own Space Ants ($20 retail)?  I’ve got one to give away!

Multiple Options for Multiple Entries:

1.) Just visit Fascinations and tell me what else you liked or learned there. (You may enter once a day.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Friday, July 24, 2009, to enter.

291 thoughts on ““Space Ants” Ant Farm Set Giveaway

  1. So many things to choose. My grandkids would find it fun grow crystals with the Magical Crystal kits, so that might be the first.

  2. I would really like the MAGIC JELLYFISH™ for my kids — what fun!!!! Thanks again for the giveaway:)

  3. We actually have or have had a number of these things already! But we have not yet tried the magic sand wand and I could see that being a hit in our house!

  4. I love the magic sand wand. The site is amazing I homeschool my daughter and they share many neat facts about science. Love it.

  5. My wife is a little less excited than I am but I think my son would love the bug catcher, he is always catching something or other. He and his uncle skinned a raccoon (it had died by the side of the road the night before.

  6. Gear up clocks has a place with our clock collection. See time in motion as gears turn in these stunning timepieces offered by Fascinations.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway… “Nature’s Fire-Undersea Volcano” would look cool in any dorm room, next to the lava light.

  8. I am intrigued by the Spider Catcher. I refuse to kill bugs, my fiance refuses to be in the same room as one; this would be the perfect middle ground.

  9. The “Magic Fish” instant killifish would be a good way to teach people of all ages the concept of diapause. It would be nice to induce the fish to spawn generational replacements. Better than instant brine shrimp sold as “SeaMonkey”.

    Your ant farm is better than “Uncle Milton’s”!

  10. I don’t need an ant farm. I just want to share that I, too, had an ant farm when I was a child, but apparently we were too poor to order the ants, so I just had to gather wild ants from the yard. It wasn’t the same.

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