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Over My Head, but it Sure Feels Nice!
Over My Head, but it Sure Feels Nice!

I’m not quite sure how it happened.  Sometimes I run across an item I just have to share with you, other times someone tells me about their green company or their eco-friendly product, it’s a great fit for dkMommy Spot, and again – I want to share it with you.  Lately, however, these opportunities seemed to crop up a lot more than usual.  I mean, they’ve come along so often that I find myself in over my head – but it sure feels nice!  I’m suddenly surrounded with all these green products, eco-friendly companies, educational toys, natural health and beauty products, organic clothing… you get the picture.  

So in an effort to present them all to you before the end of NEXT summer, I thought perhaps I should try something fun and rather spontaneous – an End of the Summer last hurrah.  A giveaway week that wasn’t scheduled, has no real theme other than sharing green, eco-friendly, and educational giveaways, while making the giveaway pile a more manageable size for yours truly. Normally, I have these written up ahead of time.  I schedule them.  I rearrange them so they flow nicely, and when you wake up in the morning and check in, there’s everything published, new and shining.  But this time, I’m going to put up giveaway sporadically throughout the day and into the week, for as long as it takes!   So swing by dkMommy Spot a few times a day.  Or at the end of the day.  Or the beginning.  Or become a fan of dkMommy Spot on Facebook, where everything will be posted as it sporadically happens.  Or bookmark my Contests & Coupon Codes page where they’ll all be listed.  You get the picture – Giveaway Chaos may ensue.  

Yes, it is true – I’m in over my head.  But it sure feels nice…. and green.