Sprite Chrome Shower Filter Review

9c2414a9681d81fc644d655d314325a5When I was young we had a swimming pool. Once for a reason I don’t really remember, my parents decided to use our pool water testing kit on the tap water in our house. What we found was surprising – the water we drank and used every day had as much chlorine in it as our pool water did after a shock treatment! Shock treatments are when you dump large amounts of chlorine into your pool to “shock” the bacteria and algae out.  When shocking a pool, you’re not supposed to swim in it for a few days because it’s just plain harmful. We are all pretty aware of the importance of clean, pure drinking water.  But what about the water in your shower? Will washing your hair and body in purified water really make a difference? These questions have been in my mind awhile, and I’ve been testing a Sprite Chrome Shower Filter from WaterCheck.biz to see if I could find out. 

My husband installed our Sprite Shower Filter and he said it was pretty simple to do.  The filter comes with a very nice massaging shower head, but we have a fancy thing we really like, so I was happy that we could simply install the filter and still use our shower head.  To operate the filter, you need to run hot water through it for a moment and you’re all set.  No extra switches, etc.  It’s really a no-brainer operation.  

I’m certain the water is getting filtered because there is no longer a strong chlorine smell to my showers.  In fact, I smell not a hint of chlorine.  And while I have noticed my hair is definitely softer, something WaterCheck.biz guarantees in their product description, I’m honestly not certain if it’s the filter or the fact that I’ve been “no ‘poo” for several months. I can say I’m sure the filter plays some part in it, however, since I can’t imagine the chlorine and minerals, etc. in my previously unfiltered water was doing my hair any favors.  And since our skin soaks up what’s on it and ingests it as if we ate it, I’m happy to be rid of any “extras” in my water. 

The filter lasts for 6 months, which is longer than I would have expected. The shower filter with the massaging head kit costs $39.99 and the filters are $24.99; this may seem a bit steep initially, but if you’re only purchasing two filters a year that’s about $4 a month for purifying your shower water.  If you have hair and/or skin issues, or if you find showering in pool water unappealing, this could be worth the investment.

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  1. Many folks do not realize that you abosrb more chlorine in 1 10-minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of tap water. See Kat James site for real science on the issues of showering w/out filters!http://www.informedbeauty.com/headsup.shtml-Filters help w/dry skin conditions (I have heard testimonials of eczema disappearing after putting in a filter) and ladies who color their hair will keep their color longer and with less fading!

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