“Starry Nights” Amber Necklace Giveaway from Andzia’s Amber Jewelry – 3 Winners!

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I’ve always adored amber.  With a love of stones comes a love of things both prehistoric and beautiful, and amber fits nicely into that ancient box.  Commonly thought to be fossilized tree sap, amber is actually fossilized tree resin, a primitive goo which slid down trees and yes, sometimes captured bugs along the way.  And it doesn’t just appear in shades of orange either!  Take, for instance, this piece I recently received from Andzia’s Amber Jewelry:  Starry Nights Amber Pendant.  Green, orange, and yellow hues make up the star bursts in a sterling silver setting.  Rather appropriate for tonight’s meteor shower, isn’t it?  

I visited the Andzia’s Amber Jewelry website for the first time about a month ago.  Then I went back; and then I went back again.  There’s so much to please the eye and fascinate the jewelry lover there; if you like amber even a little bit, you’ve got to take the virtual trip. Well worth the time you’ll no doubt spend, the pieces are fascinating and the prices very fair.

Andzia’s Amber Jewelry also sent me a pair of Amber Lily Drop Earrings, something that has great meaning to me.  My first piece of amber jewelry ever was an amber drop pendant left to me by my husband’s Eastern European aunt – and the earrings are a wonderful match!  Light, delicate, and very graceful, they’re keepsake items I’ll always value. Also new to my amber collection are a pair of dainty Honey Amber & Sterling Silver Mini Studs, only about 1/8″ in diameter.  Their beauty is understated and simple, something I can use for everyday wear for a subtle bit of elegance.

But here’s the most exciting part:  The gorgeous Starry Nights necklace pictured in the upper left ($73.50 retail, on sale now for $37.75) will be given to THREE dkMommy Spot readers!  You just have to see this one in person to appreciate it fully. I was impressed with the online photo immediately, but when it arrived here I was truly dazzled.  Very 3-dimensional and eye-catching, it’s going to be a real treasure for three lucky winners.  Mine is already a treasured piece to me!

Ready to enter? I thought so…

Multiple Options for Multiple Entries:

1.) Just visit Andzia’s Amber Jewelry and tell me what other items you like there. (***You may enter once a day, but please list a new item you like each time.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Blog about, Twitter, and/or Subscribe! Get an extra entry for each of these activities.  This time just leave a separate comment for each (only one time for each extra activity completed), giving me a link to your blog post, your Twitter name, and/or a note saying you’re a subscriber.  SUBSCRIBE HERE!  

(Psst!  My Twitter name is dkMommy.)

3.) Sign up for Andzia’s Newsletter!  If you sign up for their newsletter, come back here and let me know you did.  You’ll get a bonus entry!

Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Wednesday, August 19, 2009, to enter.

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  1. i want the amber that has the mosquito in it so i can make my own jurassic park. lol

    i like the Firelight Amber Butterflies Bracelet

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