Staying Holiday Healthy While Still Pigging Out

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I’m all about eating – all day, all the time.  I can’t stop myself.  This used to be a problem, and it seemed I was always hungry, rooting around for something.  I’d either eat it and feel guilty or set it aside and feel denied.  And hungry.  But I’ve learned through the years the best ways to fill myself up without tipping the scales.  During the holidays, this can get pretty tricky for most of us.  I certainly don’t want to go without my mom’s fudge, and believe me, I won’t.  It’s all in the way we go about it.  Here’s what my family does; try it out this year and see what you think.  You’ll all be feeling better for it.  After all, there’s nothing worse than a house full of kids on a sugar buzz.  

See that picture of all the fruit?  That’s my kitchen counter.  It’s not just my kitchen counter during the holidays.  That’s pretty much how it looks all the time. Our refrigerator is about the same situation – just envision vegetables.  By stocking up like this, keeping fruits and vegetables washed and easily within reach, the family may just surprise you by enjoying something fresh in between all the sticky stuff.  Also, everything’s now ready to throw in the blender at a moment’s notice for a fantastic smoothie break.  

Another trick:  tell the kids they can eat as much of the fresh fruits and vegetables as they want without asking you first (if they’re old enough to handle this, of course.)  I remember being a kid and getting carte blanche on a large bag of apples in the garage.  Believe me, having that freedom to dig in whenever I felt like it, I did!  And there wasn’t much room for junk food at someone else’s house after gorging on a couple of big apples.  

Give yourself the same rights.  Make sure there are lots of veggies cut up and arranged attractively on a plate, and keep replenishing it before you run out.  It may have tough competition sitting right next to Aunt Ruth’s chocolate covered rum balls, but if you at lease munch on a couple of celery sticks and a tangerine first, you’ll be less likely to empty the rum ball plate.  (And we’ve all seen what happens when you hit the rum balls too hard.  Nighty-night!)

Christmas and New Year’s isn’t about denial, but it’s not about over-indulging either.  By keeping the goods before the goodies, you may just find you’ll feel better this year than ever before!  And Aunt Ruth will appreciate having a few rum balls left over.  She could use the good night’s sleep.

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