“Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life” Book Giveaway

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According to author and reformed clutterer Mike Nelson, just being messy might not be the reason you can’t part with all that stuff!  Whether your four-door car has room for only the driver, or you just plain can’t seem to keep all that junk off the kitchen counter, there could be deeper reasons behind the mess, emotional or psychological.  But don’t reach for the Prozac.  In his latest book, “Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life“, Nelson gives readers a very practical approach to decluttering their lives.  

Nelson’s book is extremely well organized, proof that he has indeed overcome his own clutter issues.  He gives insightful help to those who clutter because they’re afraid to let go, those who are just to busy to get it done, and everything in between.  I found the book’s humorous and anecdotal style made it a pleasurable read without heaping guilt on the clutterer.  

Relieving your life of clutter can actually lift things like depression and anxiety.  It gives you a sense of well-being and allows you to feel you can breathe in your own space.  Whether you have a little clutter or a lot, this book will certainly help you put things into perspective.  There’s more to life than stuff, and Mike Nelson will help you sort it all out.  

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  1. My whole family are collectors! And my partner enables me too- we wont use this will we? I ask. Oh we might! He responds. I also form emotional attachments to items and then can’t get rid of them. And in a small house this equals a lot of clutter! With a three aand a half y. o. and a newborn I’m certainly short on cleaning time! Oh well there is always tomorrow :)

  2. I have mail, mail and more mail. I can’t throw it out until I read it. Now I have e-mails too. Help!!!

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