Sustainable Lifestyles Festival Coming Soon to Oregon

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If you live anywhere near Oregon and are interested in learning how to live a more sustainable life, then you’ll want to set aside the weekend of June 27 and 28, 2009, to attend the Sustainable Lifestyles Festival at Wise Acres Farm.  Wise Acres, located in Pleasant Hill, Oregon (near Eugene), is hosting this event which will be filled with workshops and informative lectures to help you build the skills you need to live sustainably. You’ll have 23 lectures to choose from, including talks by Dr. Glen Nagel, a practicing herbalist who will discuss nutrition, herbs, and supplement usage.  Jonathan Carroll will help you shrink that carbon footprint  by sharing self-installed renewable energy system how-tos. (He himself lives in a 750 square foot house with organic gardens, composting toilet, rain catchment, and more eco-friendly alternatives.)  The 16 offered workshops will include artisan cheese making by Andhi Reyna, how to build a simple solar shower by Mike Hatfield, goat husbandry, brewing basics, biodynamics, honey bees, and lots more.  

Since the Wise Acres Farm is an educational herb farm, the herb walks alone just about make me want to start hiking towards Oregon!  And camping sites are available, so after my long cross-country hike I’d have a place to sleep. But since I can only be there in spirit, I encourage anyone who can get there to do so – and then come back and tell me all about your experiences!  I promise the green on my face won’t be from envy, but simply the earth-friendly glow reflecting off your newly educated self.

If you’d like more information on the festival, you can visit the official Sustainable Lifestyles Festival site.  For any questions you may have, you can email Sharol Tilgner at  The Wise Acres Farm is located at 84537 Proden Lane, Pleasant Hill, Oregon 97455.

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