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One of the biggest reasons parents struggle to get their kids outdoors is probably the game console. Playstation, XBox, and all the others do a much better job of keeping kids indoors in front of a virtual world, rather than outdoors discovering the real one! Recently I’ve come across a way to lure those young ones back out into the fresh air and sunshine, and they won’t have to give up their technology to do it! It’s the new kids’ game console from Europe, Swinxs.

Win a Swinxs and get those kids outdoors!
Win a Swinxs and get those kids outdoors!

Swinxs is brand new to the U.S. market. There’s no screen to stare at, no cables snaking around the room. Instead there’s a cute and funky shaped cordless unit that can go indoors and out, ready to get your kids on their feet, running and playing. Swinxs has only three simple buttons but a large array of games that can be played by 1 to up to 40 players! Each kid gets a bracelet that identifies him or her by color to the Swinxs, so if, let’s say, your child wins the race and touches Swinxs first, they will be declared winner of the round. (No fighting on who was first, either.)

For rainy days, the Swinxs can be brought inside for quieter games. The first time we tested out our unit, it was raining and my son had no one to entertain him that afternoon. I still had work to do, so I was very happy that the volume can be controlled. It turns down to a comfortably low parent-happy level that allowed me to focus, even though the unit was on the floor near my feet. My son loved the one-person games and the music, and I love the fact that we can hook it to our computer and download even more games when he wants something new. If you’re a techie, you can even program your own games and share them with the Swinxs online community.

My favorite Swinxs features: Rechargeable batteries, countless game possibilities, workshome_imagewith a computer hookup or without. But the best twist of all? It gets the kids outdoors and having a great time. It is capable of giving an entire neighborhood or birthday party a chance at participating in active outdoor play, yet it’s still capable of entertaining a lonely kid on a rainy day.

Want to win your own Swinxs ($150 retail)? One dkM reader will win!

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