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A Simple Natural Deodorant Home Remedy

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Economical, Safe, and Effective - Baking Soda
Economical, Safe, and Effective - Baking Soda

If you’re trying to cut chemicals out of your morning beauty routine, then one thing you’ll want to examine is your choice of deodorants.  I’ve not reviewed many deodorants on this site.  That’s because, in my experience, good natural deodorants that actually work are quite hard to come by.  I usually rely on home remedies for deodorants, and I think I’ve finally hit on something that works far better than anything else I’ve tried so far: baking soda.

I was doing some online research recently, trying to find out what other people used as a deodorant alternative, and I stumbled across baking soda.  I’ve heard of it used, and for some reason I never actually tried it myself.  My husband told me that “in the old country,” baking soda is what everyone used when deodorant was hard to come by.  So we gave it a shot.

Most importantly to us was to find an aluminum-free baking soda. After all, aluminum is one of the main ingredients you want to avoid in a deodorant.  Research suggests aluminum is linked to breast cancer.  So we picked up a small bag of aluminum-free baking soda at our local health food store.  Using just a small dusting on wet palms and applying it to our armpits after a shower, we found that neither one of us were experiencing any sort of odor, even 24 hours after use!  Exercising, stressful phone calls, running around the house after a toddler; none of it seemed to matter.  

I still like to use my homemade deodorant spray from time to time, just because nice scents are fun.  But it’s nice to know I’ve found a reliable odor warrior in a small bag.  It’s extremely economical, it’s natural, and it works better than any of those lonely deodorant sticks under my bathroom sink.