Tai Chi for Seniors by Sifu Philip Bonifonte – Book Review

 – by Sorin C.

Tai Chi is talked about more and more in the U.S. and surely worldwide.  While the title of the book T’Ai Chi for Seniors: How to Gain Flexibility, Strength, and Inner Peace by Sifu Philip Bonifonte makes a direct address to seniors, it is actually a great read for anybody interested in finding out what Tai Chi is.  The aproach is friendly, funny and very informative. 

There are many books out there that, besides talking about Tai Chi, make an attempt to market a variety of materials and programs. This is not the case with Tai Chi for Seniors.  Sifu Bonifonte makes Tai Chi the subject and develops the book around it, touching on related practices and disciplines.  The book road-maps the reader through the beginings of Tai Chi with its variety of styles, talks about the related Qigong discipline, and introduces several exercises.  Correct posture, breathing, and the philosophy behind Tai Chi and Qigong are explained in a concise and clear way.

Meditation techniques are also presented in the later chapters, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine with its Acupuncture, Herbal and Massage branches.  A listing of articles on the medical benefits of Tai Chi is also provided, making great research material for any reader.  Sifu Bonifonte was careful with the American (Western) reader and wrote the book in a balanced way, making it accessible to a varied public, with or without Tai Chi experience, independent of religion, and it’s even politically correct. T’Ai Chi for Seniors is a very good lecture at the begginer and intermediate levels in Tai Chi, or for anybody trying to expand their cultural horizon and explore Tai Chi.

Author Bio:  Sorin C. is dkMommy Spot’s resident Tai Chi instructor and enthusiast.  He’s been studying Tai Chi for 10 years and currently instructs seniors and juniors on the benefits of the art.

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