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Want to win a No-VOC BioGreen Memory Foam Pillow?  Read about the Tempflow Memory Foam Mattress and get entered!

Wikipedia tells us VOC’s are “organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the earth’s atmosphere.”  Not exactly what you want to have floating above your mattress as you sleep!  Most memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane, or visco-elastic polyurethane foam, which contains various levels of VOC’s.  But the Tempflow mattress by Relief-Mart relies on Biogreen memory foam for its support, which is completely non-toxic and free of VOC’s.  

As you can see by the graph to the right (click on the graph for a full-sized view), much of the Tempflow mattress is actually constructed with the no-VOC BioGreen memory foam.  The stretch cover is hypoallergenic and ventilated, and mine is made of non-toxic and naturally fire-retardant bamboo fiber.  The next three inches of material are made up of the two layers of BioGreen foam, one for comfort and the other denser layer for support.  Both are ventilated, allowing airflow that other popular memory foam mattresses don’t offer.  (The airflow is great for people who get overheated while sleeping on the average memory foam mattress, a common issue.)  The bottom layer of the mattress is a 6-inch channeled layer, not of BioGreen, but quite dense and supportive.  The entire mattress is made in the U.S.A.

An independent laboratory tested BioGreen and found that indeed there is no V.O.C. outgassing.  From my research I have learned that Memory foam does usually have quite an odor to it.  In fact, my husband and I happened to be in a store that carried memory foam mattresses that were not free of VOC’s.  Out of curiosity, we smelled it.  It was really horrid and overpowering, and it had obviously been on display in the store for quite sometime (which I understand should have reduced the odor!).   While we did experience an initial odor with our Tempflow mattress, thankfully, it was nothing like the one we looked at in that store.  The Tempflow smell reminded me of our rubber hot water bottle or perhaps a new sponge, but even that dissipated within about two months and has since been virtually odor free.  (For my more odor-sensitive readers, it’s good to know the materials are lab tested and deemed free of V.O.C. outgassing – a simple waiting period before using the mattress after purchase would probably do the trick for you.)

I’ve been testing the Selene model, which is a mattress designed specially for the back sleeper, and also for people with neck and back issues, which describes me pretty well.  Our previous mattress, a pricey non-memory foam deal (after a mere three years of usage it was akin to sleeping in a canoe), was happily replaced by the Selene about four months ago.  I was anxious to see how my back would feel on memory foam since I’d never tried such a mattress before. I was instantly impressed with the level of comfort the mattress offered.  It formed to my back in an instant, and I found it to be quite soothing.  My heels, my legs and arms, as well as the whole of my back were supported without any noticeable pressure points, something that used to keep me tossing and turning on the previous mattress.  I awoke after my first morning on the Tempflow with considerably less back pain, most noticeably in the lower back, and since receiving the mattress I’ve cut my trips to the chiropractor significantly.

Previous to sleeping on the Tempflow, I was used to waking up numerous times throughout the night to shift and adjust my back.  Since I began sleeping on the Tempflow, it’s a rare occasion that I awaken at night due to a comfort issue.  And I find myself looking forward to sleep just so I can sink my back into the cozy mattress and get a break from the usual back stresses of the day.  The one occasion I’ve had over the last months to sleep away from the mattress was difficult indeed and involved much tossing and turning.  I’m already trying to figure out how to fit my Tempflow into my suitcase so that come vacation time, I won’t have to miss out on a good night’s sleep.  I wonder how it would fit in our tent?

To read more about the Tempflow, you may want to check out Space Daily’s review comparison between the Tempflow and the Tempur-Pedic.  It gives a thorough look into the similarities and differences between these two mattresses.

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Trillow BioGreen Memory Foam Pillow Giveaway:  Perhaps you’d love to try the mattress but can’t afford it right now.  To give the BioGreen Memory Foam a whirl, Relief-Mart is giving you the opportunity to enter to win a Trillow, their BioGreen Memory Foam Pillow.  I reviewed the Trillow recently and was able to run a giveaway that had a fantastic response from all of you.  So here’s your chance to try again!  (Or to purchase a Trillow, check out dkM’s Coupon Codes page for a generous 33% discount.)

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  • What do you like about memory foam?
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  1. i do get hot when i sleep, but if i take off my covers i immediately get cold, lol. The pillow would be so helpful for me!

  2. I feel I could use a sleep solution like this because the pillows I have been using lately are giving me a neck ache!

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  9. No VOC’s means a restful night. I’m allergic to formaldahyde and other chemicals. This would be so welcome!

  10. I purchased a brand new Sealy not too far back and thus far I want to disclose that it has been money well expended. I was a little skeptical about investing so much on a mattress at first!

  11. VOC can be harmful when inhaled on a daily basis. It is important to air out your memory foam mattress to get rid of the smell before using it. You should try sprinkling baking soda to diffuse some of the smell and allow it to settle overnight before vacuuming it off the next morning. Then you put mattress covers and comfortable sheets.

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