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My new shoes are on a mission.  I’ve been wearing the Zandile shoe from Terra Plana’s “Soul of Africa” project and they’re so much more than just attractive footwear.  That’s because the Soul of Africa shoe helps raise money for South African orphans infected with AIDS.  Available in a multitude of styles, these extremely well-constructed shoes are actually handsewn by the women of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  A sort of “Hand Up” project, the women are able to learn a skill, earn a decent living, and help raise money to care for the orphaned children of their community.  In return, people who purchase a pair of Soul of Africa shoes not only get the satisfaction of knowing their money has been well spent, they get a fantastic pair of shoes.  My Zandile ballet pumps are extremely comfortable and constructed of high quality materials.  Soft leather, extremely flexible soles, and sturdystitching can be expected.  These shoes are easily as well made as, or better made than, any other leather walking shoe in its price range. In fact, I daresay the $75 for the Zandiles is slightly less than what I’d expect to pay at some more popular walking shoe stores.

Besides the Soul of Africa line, Terra Plana has a great online store filled with ethical shoes.  I’m happy to share a discount coupon code with you that you can use for shoes on either Terra Plana or Soul of Africa – free shipping for any shoe you fall in love with.  The code is SOAFREESHIP.  

Now, how about an opportunity to win your own pair of shoes?  Terra Plana is giving away a pair of Soul of Africa Ladies’ Zandile ballet pumps in red or black (retail $75), or a pair of Men’s Thabo shoes in black (retail $95) to one very fortunate shoe lover!  


Multiple Options for Multiple Entries:

1.) Just visit Soul of Africa and tell me either a shoe you liked or something you learned there. (You may enter once a day.) Remember, leave an interesting comment.If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Email subscribers get an extra entry for as long as their subscription is active.

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Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, May 4, 2009, to enter.

448 thoughts on “Terra Plana “Soul of Africa” Shoe Giveaway

  1. My favorite are the Thabo shoes, not for my husband but for myself as I have monster sized feet and the largest women’s size is still too small.

  2. Soul Of Africa also makes footballs. The Soul Of Africa footballs are hand-stitched, abrasion resistant and of FIFA standard. The footballs can be customized through branding or placing an AIDS message on the ball.

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  4. The Zandile shoe looks so comfortable. I’d love to have it in “Distressed Brown”.

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  6. Unemployed and unskilled women in South Africa are trained to hand-stitch shoes, giving them the self-empowering ability to feed their families and provide them with essential health care.

  7. I am so excited about this project! I’ve done some work in South Africa in the poor townships where no one had jobs, mothers were dying with AIDS, many children were AIDS orphans, and yet the people were friendly, hopeful, filled with beautiful songs and smiles. It’s thrilling to know that now there is work for the women, work they can do at home to be with their children. Blessings on this project!! I love Red Sana. Thanks for introducing your “readers” to this project!!

  8. I love the slender white clog. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful project!

  9. The Zandike in distressed brown are exactly what I wish I had found earlier. The price and the cause are both amazing. I have bookmarked the site and am passing it on to many others I know would love it. Thanks so much for letting us in on this.

  10. I love the Zandile Shoes and would wear them all the time. Flat heeled leather shoes are my favourite and these in “Distressed Brown” would be perfect!

  11. I liked the Nomoya shoes in brown, and I love how the company empowers women to help support themselves. Thanks for bringing such a great company to the attention of so many people.


  12. I just can’t say enough about this wonderful project to give South African women a feeling of self-worth and enable them to care for their families. The women of S. Africa are the kindest, most caring people I’ve ever met. They smile though all their troubles in their poor townships and as they see their women friends die from AIDS, they take in those orphaned children and care for them as their own. Their hearts are so big. We could learn a lot from them. This shoe project is a Godsend to S. African women. We all need to purchase these shoes!! I love the Black Zandie! Thank you for introducing us to “Soul of Africa”!!

  13. i love the Nomoya in black piko
    i think this company is a wonderful company that gives so much to so many in need.

  14. I love that this an AIDS-related charity. So many African children are left parent-less every year. I feel terrible that these children have no shoes or parents.This is one thing we can do to help and I encourage all oter subscribers to ask themselves if there is anything they can do to help.
    I liked the Saba Red Piko. Thanks for the contest and information

  15. Hurrah for Soul of Africa!! Let’s all support this great project. I like the Sana in distressed Red. I think this contest is already over, but I can’t resist saying again how important this project is to the AIDS victims and their families in South Africa!! Go Soul of Africa!!

  16. My newly married daughter and her husband recently returned from their honeymoon in South Africa. They loved their trip and brought home Soul of Africa shoes as gifts for the family. They wanted to give something back to the country that was so warm, welcoming and beautiful to them. My pair, the KHULANI style, have now become my favorites. They are the most comfortable shoes I own!

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