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When I was about my son’s age – three – I remember my father telling me something.  We were looking at rocks under the swing-set, something I really enjoyed doing.  He told me no two rocks were ever alike, and once you saw one, you’d never find another like it.  So I suppose my mom can thank my dad for the numerous rocks that made it into our dryer, having been left in my pockets.  From that age on, I was afraid to leave any interesting rock left where I’d found it.  They must all come with me, lest I never see the likes of it again.  I suppose that’s why I had such a desire to review The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teachby Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.  My love of rocks, stones, and pebbly things never left me. 

A few things about this book make it a whole lot of fun to peruse, as well as giving you a good informational and reference tool.  The format is easy to thumb through; the book is loaded with nice color photos, each stone receiving its own page or so of text.  The text gives you a little background on how the stone is formed, where it’s found, etc.  The following text gives the viewpoints of authors Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, each sharing their knowledge of the stones when used for their energetic purposes. 

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not the sort to meditate with stones on my forehead, and although I’ve read some on the subject and find it pretty fascinating stuff, this isn’t my area of expertise by a long shot. But the book is just so much fun to flip through. Our house has little polished stones all over the place as it is, and we’ve been looking them up in the book and proclaiming, “This one helps you with organization!  Who knew?  I feel so bad I misplaced it for so long.”  

So whether you’re a stone healing enthusiast or you just love having polished rocks lined up on your bookshelf, you’re sure to get a real education picking up this book.  Simply getting a handle on one more fascet of nature’s diversity is really worth gaining.  And since rocks, plants, and even people are loaded with energy, electricity, atoms, minerals, and movement who’s to say there isn’t something more to it?  If anything else, stones always made me feel good as a kid.  Finding that special one, that one-and-only, putting it in my pocket and keeping it in an old shoe box in my closet for later study did something to make me feel grounded and connected to the earth, to God, to the universe even.  So when it comes to whether or not there is power of these lovely mineral hunks,  I certainly won’t be the first to cast stones.

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