The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening – Book Giveaway

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I have to admit it.  I do not have green thumbs – at all.  It’s a very strange anomaly for an herb lover, I know, but I think gardening takes a special knack.  That’s why so many of the herbs I use around our home I either grow indoors where I have better luck, or I tromp through the woods to find what our lovely planet grows with much more success.  But vegetable gardening?  We still give it a go every year.  And somehow, despite the atrocity of our garden’s appearance, we have bumper crops of organic vegetables!  But we’ve been wanting to learn more and to perhaps grow not only better vegetables, but green thumbs as well!  Enter “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening.”

What better way to learn something that confounds you than to crack open one of the Complete Idiot’s Guide Series?  This one on vegetable gardening by Daria Price Bowman covers all the bases in that simple, straightforward format I’ve come to expect from these books.  You’ll learn vegetable gardening from start to finish; everything from planning and building raised beds, choosing plants, tending to them, and natural pest control.  Oh, and lest I forget – there’s a wonderful section on herb gardening as well! (Naturally, my favorite portion of the book.)  With a section of full-color photos to reference and inspire, I’m ready to get my green on.  

This is the perfect time to get The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening!  If you’re planning to grow your own food this season, or if you’d like to consider it but aren’t sure if you’re up to the task yet, this book is just for you.  Good news is, we’ve got one to give away! ($16.95 retail)

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  2. I think I’d probably like The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Screenwriting, so I can try like mad to sell my weird ideas.

  3. I love The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sushi and Sashimi because I enjoy eating sushi and sashimi!

  4. The guide to Raising Girls sounds particularly appropriate in our house, where that’s what we have.

  5. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies
    thats the book i would choose to read. thanks for the entry.

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