The Continuing Story of Natural Remedies for Japanese Beetles

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I know what you’re thinking.  “That Diane is obsessed with Japanese beetles.”  You could be right, but by the looks of things, so are many of you!  In fact, with over 300 posts on this site, the posts discussing natural remedies for getting rid of Japanese beetles are the most popular ones.  Can you believe that?

So today, I was going back over the comments left behind on one of the posts when I found Dolly’s remedy.  This one seems like one of the best I’ve heard of thusfar, so I’m publishing it here.  This is what she writes:

I just came up with a concoction today that got rid of a lot of them. I took a 1 1/2gal. chapin sprayer, filled it with warm water, about 3 tsp of garlic powder, 2 tsp of cayenne pepper, a couple of squirts of dish soap and a little under a 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. Shook at and sprayed the little buggers really good. They didn’t like the smell, if they eat the leaf, it is hot, and the oil and soap stick to the plant. It doesn’t smell too good, but it worked.

How great is this remedy? All natural (if you use natural dish soap), and it doesn’t attract more Japanese beetles to your home, rather eradicates the ones you have.  (By the way, I happen to know rabbits will steer clear of the cayenne too.)  Now, Japanese beetles are not indigenous to the U.S.  So don’t feel bad about killing them off.  In their native Japan, they’re not nearly the problem they are here.  That’s because Japan has natural beetle predators, whereas in America, we humans are pretty much it.  One last little bit of beetle trivia?  These are what are known as jitterbugs!  Who knew???

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12 thoughts on “The Continuing Story of Natural Remedies for Japanese Beetles

  1. can i spray this on basil? They’re really going after the basil, but i’m concerned that it may alter the taste of the basil leaves. Anyone else had success spraying this on herbs?

  2. I too am having a problem with them destroying my basil. I did try the concoction but it clogged my spray bottle and would not spray. They are also eating my Zena’s

  3. I also tried your concoction but it clogged not one sprayer but two!! They have literally killed my geraniums in hanging baskets. What to do??

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  5. to help with the sprayers; if the nozzle comes off, take it off. I have a miracle-grow sprayer and I had the same problem. the nozzle got clogged so I took of the bulbous shower sprayer and the water came out of it in a V shape. when taking the shower sprayer part off, make sure you dont lose any filters or rubber washers.

  6. i have them in my house they r all over my kitchen and attic how can i get rid of them there without having to spray a conncotion all over?

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