The Encyclopedia of Life – An Online Must-See

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Recently I was watching a PBS special (Lord of the Ants), and it was mentioned that Naturalist E.O. Wilson had started a website that he hopes will eventually include every type of living thing on the planet.  Massive project?  You bet!  That’s why I had to go see for myself.  So as soon as I finished watching the show, I was at the computer checking out the Encyclopedia of Life (  And now you may guess where the rest of my evening went…

The Encyclopedia of Life is not only fascinating, it’s surprisingly simple and easy to use.  I found it was a very straightforward way to, say, search for the plants and herbs I’ve been studying with the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.  The maps are great for finding whether or not a plant or animal lives in my area.  And most items have at least one photo, sometimes dozens.

I just wanted to share my discovery with you, because this would make an excellent resource for kids and their school projects, as well as for parents.  Boy, do I wish I’d had something like this for that 6th grade Birds of Michigan report!

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