The FELT Studio – When Sustainability Just Feels Good

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There’s nothing like adding something useful to your daily life that’s also a good green purchase.  Well, yes there is:  Adding something useful and green to your life that looks and feels darned good.  FELT Studio, founded by artist Kathryn Walter, features a line of amazing bags and home items that are made of natural felted wool.  Since sheep are pretty talented creatures, able to grow back all that wonderful wool after a good shearing, wool is sustainable.  It’s natural.  And it’s beautiful.

I’ve been carting around this wonderful FELT Pack, which is extremely well constructed.  The felt is thick and impossible to stop touching, and the design is not only functional but artistically pleasing as well.  The pack picture to the left (the one I’m using) is 11″ x 8″ x 8″ which is a great size for grabbing on the way out of the house if you need a few extras along, which mothers like me often do.  The handles can either be used as two straps, or pulled through one side and slung over the shoulder.  And the felt on the handles means it won’t be digging in if you have to carry it awhile.  Since the bag is so stylish and durable, you might consider taking this one to the mall when you do some shopping, hence cutting back on all those wasteful plastic bags.  Believe me, this one will go better with your outfit than that plastic bag doubling as a billboard anyway!

Take a peek at their FELT Hand Bags and FELT Nests as well.  

Want to learn more?  Here’s a fascinating video from FELT Studio that shows you how it’s done!

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