“The Giving Essence” Buys a Goat!

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TGEandYou-MYou’ve read it right – The Giving Essence has purchased a goat!  But before you start thinking I’ve got a goat in the back yard competing for space with the dachshunds, I’d like to let you in on a little secret.  When I started The Giving Essence, it was in fact with a vision that goes even deeper than handcrafted natural balms and herbal wonderments.  I wanted a business that would make a real difference and would have a broad impact.  Even the business name was chosen with great care to reflect this.  

I make products from plants that give their essences for healing.  The items in my online store can be used as a natural gift to yourself or a gift to others.  And more importantly, when you make a purchase from The Giving Essence, you’re now giving to those in the world less fortunate.  Starting January 1, 2010, a portion of every purchase you make on The Giving Essence goes to those in need.  This time the need comes in the form of a goat.

I wrote a review of World Vision’s Gift Catalog this past Christmas season, and I loved the idea that specific donations could be made in the forms of things like child education, clothing, even a family goat.  So that’s what you’ve helped to donate if you’ve made a purchase from The Giving Essence recently.  The goat will go to a needy family somewhere in the world, where she’ll be able to produce up to 16 cups of milk a day.  The family will get nourishment from the resulting milk, cheese and yogurt, selling the extra at market.  

As The Giving Essence donates to varying projects, I’ll blog about the different organizations we’ll be aiding.  Remember, a portion  of every single purchase you make on The Giving Essence, no matter how small, helps fund the next project.  So where will it be next?  Time will tell.  In the meantime I’m going to envision the goat we just bought together, and all she’ll be giving to one special family somewhere out there.

Want to donate your own goat or other much-needed item through World Vision?  You can check out their Gift Catalog here.

Follow along with donations made on our Essence of Giving page!

4 thoughts on ““The Giving Essence” Buys a Goat!

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  2. I like the idea of the goat. It’s kinda like if you teach a man to fish idea. With the goat they can indeed use the extra milk to make cheese and yogurt to sell.

  3. I love it – good for you! I didn’t know World Vision had a gift catalogue so that’s great to know. I’ll be donating this way from now on. One question…do we know where the animals come from that are donated?

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