The Healing Garden – A Natural Haven for Body, Senses and Spirit by Sue Minter

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Looking for a little background knowledge on the medicinal uses of herbs?  Dreaming of melting snow, budding plants, getting your hands in the soil?  If so, The Healing Garden: A Natural Haven for Body, Senses and Spirit will feed your brain as well as your eyes.  Starting out with a basic overview of the history of herbalism around  the world and followed by a history of physic gardens across Europe, Sue Minter’s book gives the reader a chance to really appreciate herb gardening right from the beginning.  The Healing Garden isn’t just a pretty overview to be thumbed through casually, although one certainly can enjoy it from this angle.  The photographs are magnificent and most appreciated this snowy time of year and will help gardeners and herb lovers focus on the coming spring, stirring up ideas for the herb section of the garden.  

Minter’s book is great for any level of herbal or gardening understanding.  For someone like me, an amateur not-so-green thumbed gardener, the information is perfect.  Although I love plants, especially herbs, my growing expertise seems to be somehow confined to the indoors and windowsill gardening.  But my great desire to branch out into a well-maintained herbal gardener is definitely heightened by Minter’s explanations, tips, and garden planning suggestions.  

Even for the seasoned gardener looking to expand their growing to herbs, this book will offer a wealth of advice.  Easy to understand, filled with useful information, and perfect as a reference or cover-to-cover reading.  I especially enjoyed information on drying and storing herbs, as it’s something I thoroughly enjoy doing.  And as I look out my window and see nothing but white snow and ice, I do believe I’ll be spending even more time enjoying the in-depth information and dreamy photos of The Healing Garden, waiting for that first robin of spring to announce I too can get digging.

5 thoughts on “The Healing Garden – A Natural Haven for Body, Senses and Spirit by Sue Minter

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  2. I loved this book. 1 out of 2 Americans get cancer now days. Most of the problem is what we eat. Another problem is the drugs we use to “cure” problems that exist because of what we eat.

    Natural remedies and eating proper in the first place. I reccomend everybody read this book!

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