The Incomparable Vita-Mix Blender

Since getting into making green smoothies for my family about 3 years ago, we’ve gone through several blenders looking for just the right one.  Our experience with drinking smoothies filled with fresh fruits and vegetables has been so remarkable that having a powerful blender became more and more important to me; I want to be assured the produce is completely broken down so we get all the nutrients we can from our smoothies.  I also want to be able to add things like celery and kale without having to chew our beverages!  I’ve had the great honor of trying the Vita-Mix 5200, and I can confidently say it is without a doubt already the most indispensable kitchen appliance I own.  

To start with, the Vita-Mix is an extremely powerful blender that has been able to handle everything I’ve thrown in it including heaps of ice, celery root, carrots, kale, and flax seed.  These are all things that, despite my previous blender’s good ratings, wouldn’t grind up fine enough.  I credit the blades with a lot of the Vita-Mix’s abilities.  They manage to pull the food down and through the blades, evenly chopping some otherwise tough foods.

Another big bonus is its versatility.  The Vita-Mix comes with an impressive cookbook that gives you a large variety of recipes for everything from mixed drinks and shakes to salads and desserts.  I’ve followed several of the recipes and have been able to make soup, ice cream, margaritas, smoothies, pudding, slaws, and even the most amazing homemade peanut butter I’ve ever had.  Simply by the power of the blades, the Vita-Mix will heat up foods if left to process for about 4 – 6 minutes, resulting in hot, cooked soup.  Ice cream freezes itself by the same process, believe it or not, when frozen fruit is blended with a little soy milk.  We’ve done this several times and enjoyed a whole food sugar-free vegan ice cream that I made in less than a minute.  Surprisingly better tasting than any other ice cream we could have purchased!

Vita-Mix also has a Super 5200 model that comes with a dry blade container which gives you the ability to grind grains with the unit as well.  The extra container’s blades are able to produce flour from your own whole grains, and since I like to make fresh bread often, the additional container is something I’m considering purchasing later on.  A slightly pricey addition, but worth it if you love homemade breads or if you need the ability to grind rice and beans, etc.  

Originally I was concerned about the makeup of the container, but it’s made of a co-polyester which is BPA-free.  It’s undeniably strong and durable, and Vita-Mix chooses to use the co-polyester since it’s shatterproof and can withstand the torque of the blender’s motor unlike glass.  And if the container was made of glass, the weight of it would be quite impractical because it is a rather large container at 64 oz.  My understanding is the container used to be of metal which was not only heavy, but you couldn’t see what your food was doing in there.  So I’ll happily live with the stronger, lightweight co-polyester.  

Overall, you can take any other small kitchen appliance I own and I won’t cry much.  But don’t touch my Vita-Mix.  He’s here to stay and I think he’s quite happy here.  He gets to do his thing making us healthy  foods and beverages several times a day in our house, and I don’t see an end to this relationship anytime soon.  We may even name him.

Note:  Keep an eye out for a podcast coming soon.  I’ll discuss the benefits of those green smoothies, share recipes, and give you a few more insights into the Vita-Mix.

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  1. mine is on the fritz!!!! would like to have this one!! like the idea of it doing grains and beans etc. we do lots of fruit smoothies in our house!! thanks

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