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Perhaps one of the most potent non-invasive, totally chemical free ways to a healthier being is meditation.  Meditation doesn’t require any pills, it doesn’t require expensive trips to the doctor.  You can do it on your own or with the aid of something as simple as a CD – and that’s where Cindy Locher, CHT comes in.  Cindy Locher is a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has developed 6 different CD’s to help people improve their lives through meditation.  The Modern Meditation Series helps get your brainwaves in line to a desired frequency.  It’s fascinating to see where our brainwaves reside, depending on whether we’re awake, asleep, excited, or tired.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing neurofeedback in the past, and I’ve been able to see my brainwaves on a computer screen before and after meditation; it’s simply amazing to see the difference between someone who’s, say, stressed and someone who is relaxed and refreshed.  By using three of Cindy Locher’s CD’s I’ve seen a remarkable difference in my own day-to-day life.

The three I’ve been trying are:  Schumann’s Resonance, Cumulative Bliss, and my personal favorite, Blissful Sleep.  Schumann’s Resonance is a great CD for relaxing and getting back in tune with nature.  Cumulative Bliss is good for relaxing and calming the mind, and Blissful Sleep is my new nighttime friend.  As a lifelong insomniac, I’ve tried many things through the years to help me sleep.  I cannot, no matter if I tried, make it through this CD without falling into a deep sleep.  My mind whirs and talks all on its own with little prompting from me, replaying the day’s events or something that occurred 20 years ago; but with the Blissful Sleep CD, I find myself drifting away and actually thinking of nothing until I drop off to sleep.  This for me is an incredible blessing.

I’ve enjoyed all three of the series; I’m fascinated with the sounds and musical quality of the CD’s.  They’re pleasant to listen to, and it’s an odd sensation to actually feel your brain sort of wander through the sounds; it’s as if my mind is playing and floating along.  Cumulative Bliss, for instance, actually “wakes” you back up out of a very relaxed state at the same point in the CD every time as if someone gently nudges you awake – but you awake slowly, without any annoying voices saying, “You are now awaking from a deep and restful journey.”  Overall, I’d say the results I’m getting from the Modern Meditation Series are similar to what I experienced during neurofeedback – and that was a very positive experience indeed!

Want to win a Modern Meditation Series Complete Library?  This set includes 6 high-quality MP3 downloads.  I keep mine on my iPod, but you can burn them to CD’s as well.  This is a $120 value; if you’d like to purchase the entire set, you’ll get a discounted rate of $84.98.  (No coupon code required.) 

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  1. “Brainwave entrainment” is centuries old, but it’s new to me! Now it’s got me wondering about not only the health benefits for a “normal” person but also how it could help emotionally or psychically disturbed persons. Very intriguing subject!

  2. I learned that many health and mood issues are the result of the brain not producing the optimum, desired frequencies of brainwaves, in the right proportions.

  3. Many health and mood issues are the result of the brain not producing the optimum, desired frequencies of brainwaves, in the right proportions. Your state of consciousness and aspects of your health are directly related to the brainwave patterns you are producing at any given time. Using established protocols, the Modern Meditation Series™ brings you a safe, natural alternative to addressing these issues, creating a more balanced mind and the ability to reach higher levels of personal performance.

  4. Wednesday, it’s a bright sunny day here, so nice after the long winter. A few stolen minutes to meditate after a long day will make you feel a lot better!

  5. I learned that meditation could be used to treat ADHD. This is something of a surprise to me, although I use it to treat my own anxiety and Asperger’s Syndrome… I guess it surprised me that some doctors were really giving it a shot-the AMA is not known for it’s flexibility.

  6. I am learning relaxation techniques, they help a lot so maybe meditation might help me too. I’d like to try mediatation.

  7. Wednesday entry–this is so something I would like to try. If it would relieve my insomnia, I would be forever in your debt!

  8. Mediation improves memory & sleep. And meditation tapes would make a great gift- to self or others! 😀

  9. I learned that meditation helps improve sleep. I really need some help sleeping, and I don’t want to take medication, so I would love to try this.

  10. I thought the information on Schumann’s Resonance was especially interesting. I used to meditate and found it very relaxing!

  11. I think this is interesting about the Focused Bliss disc: SMR frequencies make people feel more present and into the moment, increasing focus and attention. Very cool!

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