The No ‘Poo Update – Still Sane or Just Dirty Hairy?

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Go Ahead - Make My 'Doo
Go Ahead - Make My 'Doo

It’s been nearly five weeks with no shampoo.  What’s happening to my head?  Well, I’m still really impressed with baking soda’s ability to keep my hair and scalp clean, and the vinegar rinse is really shining things up.  Between all the scalp massaging and rosemary oil, I’ve actually had to cut my bangs about once a week!  My hair grows fast anyway, but there’s a noticeable increase in long bangedness, if there can be such a word.  I’ve never had to cut them this often – over 1/4 inch of growth in a week!  (Yes, I measured.) 

Problem is, my hair is starting to seem a little dry.  I still don’t have tangles or snarls which is still a great surprise to me, but I’m feeling a wee bit frizzy.  I’ve read around, and it seems many no ‘pooers still use an occasional conditioner. I did try a light leave-in conditioner a few times earlier on in the experiment, but I stopped because at the time I didn’t feel the need for it.  Sometimes for frizz control I’ve also used a little hair oil, but the last few days it doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore . 

I also tried the egg trick – smeared an egg yolk in my hair, let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes, and rinsed it out.  And gagged at the smell, rewashed with baking soda, rerinsed with cider vinegar and cold water, reapplied the rosemary oil.  And gagged at the smell. Gee, I had shiny hair that day.  But egads, the smell!  No thanks.

So now I’m back to trying to find the best solution for my hair.  I know most no ‘pooers had to get through a transition of one month to two, even three.  I think I’m hitting a bump in the road, but I’ll stick it out because one of the reasons I started this whole thing in the first place was that my  hair had started to misbehave in strange and mysterious ways (most likely having something to do with age and the bizarre weather patterns of the Great Lakes).  So I’ve nothing to lose.  

Many of you have been such a great cheering section for me; yes, you no ‘poo readers who’ve been at this much longer than 5 weeks have given me tips and encouragement, and your enthusiasm never fails to rub off on me.  I’d love to hear more from you guys on this one.  I’m also getting a great response from those of you who’d like to try it but aren’t sure if it will work for your hair type, etc.  With that, I have a request:  If you are a no ‘pooer, and if you’re willing to answer a few of my questions, please let me know by either commenting here or emailing me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com.  OR if you’d like to go no ‘poo but you’ve got questions, please email them to me, or leave a comment here with your questions so I know what to ask our no ‘poo readers.  I’ll try and pull something together we can all learn from.

In the meantime I’ll keep going; I think I’ll try a different leave-in conditioner, perhaps use the hair dryer again on a low cold setting instead of letting it air dry.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated – unless it has something to do with a raw egg.

16 thoughts on “The No ‘Poo Update – Still Sane or Just Dirty Hairy?

  1. When I was little, my aunt used to own a salon. When we would spend the night at her house she would give us a deep conditioning treatment using olive oil overnight. She’d comb it through our hair until all the hair was saturated, then cover our scalps with a plastic grocery bag or saran wrap tied at the forehead. We’d put an old towel on the pillow and sleep that way, then in the morning shampoo it all out and not use any conditioner. Maybe something like that would work as a once in awhile thing?

    I’m not a noo poo-er, but that came to mind:)

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    Thanks so much for the Giveaway listings. I had a typo in my first entry (OOPS!), so I re-entered it. You may want to delete the incorrect one. My (correct) entry was: Peace & Quiet – $30 SkinFree Gift Certificate (7/25). I had spelled SkinFree “Kinfree” the first time. Thanks.

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  3. I have been no- pooing for over 6 months, and I was just about to suggest what Steph said above! I use coconut oil in my hair often on the ends to keep the frizzies away but when I see that it is getting dry then I do a deep conditioning with olive oil. It works best to cover it with Saran wrap and a towel and leave it overnight. There is also a yahoo group where you can ask questions.

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  4. I use Mayo. It has the egg, but, not so much the smell. Fresh made with egg and olive oil. About once a month.

    I was reading about the history of Sacagawea and found that back then, they would scrub their scalps in the rivers, nice and cold…brrrr. I think they used something to scrub with but, cannot remember. Then they would rub in the raw fat of the animals they killed while sitting around the fire and preparing the meats.

    Uh, not doing that!

    But, I do rub in Olive oil and use one of those bonnet hair dryers to try and open the cuticles for absorption then cool it down with the cool setting on the hair dryer or not if I am lazy that day. The cold part of the year will tighten the cuticle like it tightens everything else…LOL!

    Steph, I use to wrap it up in Seran wrap too!!

    I use Olive oil on every part of my body ever since I was young, good for scarring, pregnancy marks, etc. Think it was reading about it in a book on how mediterranian women would use it.

    I will also use a little bit of regular high end conditioner (not the leave in kind) on the ends sometimes since my husband uses it. Just a tiny dab really works great if my hair seems real dry from the weather/wind, etc.

  5. dkmommy,after reading about this noo poo thing, I finally found Hair One at Sally Beauty supply in a sample pack. I tried it right after sleeping overnight in a Silk Elements conditioner. I just relaxed my hair. It made my hair frizzy, so the next time that I use Hair One I will just wash my hair with it and see what happens, but I am really interested in “not” using sulfate in my hair any more. I don’t know if it’s Clarol or not, but one of the big shampoo companies is now offering a no sulfate shampoo.

  6. I, too, recommend the olive oil. I have mentioned it before in a post. I usually add a couple drops of lavendar oil to make it smell better and add a little aromatherapy to it. Leave it on overnight (with or without the Saran Wrap), then rinse with warm water – use a little baking soda if you need it. I still need to use some anti-frizz serum now and then in the humidity for my curls, but I don’t “wash” my hair everyday. I do spray with a leave-in conditioner most days to tweek up the curls after I wet it down with water and my fingers.

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  7. If you still have some of the My Mommy’s Face Care, try that in your hair every once in a while. No, really . . . try it. If you don’t still have some, try straight coconut oil.

  8. okay I’ve been keeping up on this no poo thing, and finally think I’m interested enough to try it… I wash my hair about every 4 days anyways…so how do I start? What is the baking soda thing? I do dye my hair and the vinegar will ruin the color or wash it out my hairdresser said. So, any suggestions? I have long, blonde, dry, naturally curly and frizzy hair. I am open to suggestions. I do use coconut oil for the frizzy and that seems to work. Olive oil seems to make my hair too oily.

  9. I have been no pooing for about 2 months now and have yet to need a conditioner. If I use baking soda rinses too often, then I get frizzy, but if I do every 2 – 3 days, then I seem to be okay. If I use ACV for a rinse, I get to greasy looking, so I have been doing lemon juice rinses only on baking soda days – this works great because the lemon juice residual acts as a mousse too. I love it. I can’t imagine going back to poo.

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  10. I’ve actually been using the Tropical Traditions for about a week now! Review is up and coming…

  11. I’m just now reading through your entire No ‘Poo saga and am loving what I’m reading. I’ve been trying to find good homemake, natural hair “receipies” for a few years now and keep coming up short. I have long, somewhat wavy (but I think with the right coaxing could be fairly curly like you have experienced), very tangly, thin (as in each individual strand, not in total volume) dishwater blond hair that is growing more toward the brown side of the spectrum. I only wash it 2-3 times a week but it tends to get dry/frizzy ends and oily at the scalp. Am adding your story to my own blog for reference and am looking forward to seeing what else you have to share on this topic as I really like the idea of going shampoo free!

  12. OKAY, I’m convinced the no poo’ will work, and am desperate because of excessive hair loss! BUT, how do you do it? I’ve seen hints of baking soda, ACV, etc…please tell me what to do or ‘how to’. I am going to use the rosemary rinse in the morning, (need to make some first), for the hair loss, but would like to start trying the no poo’ now. Any suggestions?

  13. I started with the AC vinegar rinse for conditioner while still using regular shampoo. It helped with all the tangles instantly! Once I used up my shampoo, I started with the baking soda. I’ve now been shampoo and conditioner free for over a year and a half. Love it!
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