The Therapeutic Yoga Kit – Sixteen Postures for Self-Healing through Quiet Yin Awareness

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If you’re healing from a serious injury or a stressful situation, or if you’re dealing with disease or experiencing the joys and discomforts of pregnancy, The Therapeutic Yoga Kit: Sixteen Postures for Self-Healing through Quiet Yin Awarenesswas built with you in mind.  This set, which includes a book, 16 color cards, and a 75-minute CD, was written and prepared by Cheri Clampett and Biff Mithoefer.  The program focuses on 16 different yoga positions which are tailored to be easily achieved by those who may not have full body movement.  The book takes you through a discussion on self-healing, stressing the importance of total relaxation as a road to recuperation from mental and physical stress and fatigue.

Much of the popular yoga you see today is based on yang, which is a more energetic and outward style.  But the yin featured in this set is of a more relaxing, stress-relieving nature.  Quite a break from the usual yang lifestyle many of us find ourselves in these days!

I found the set easy to comprehend, and the poses are gentle and relaxing.  Each pose is held for about 10 minutes, and with the accompanying CD to help walk you through and to provide a lovely musical background, it truly is a stress-relieving set!  Authors Clampett and Mithoefer put together this blend of restorative and gentle yoga with breathwork and meditation that leaves one feeling completely refreshed, even mentally and physically stronger and at peace.  I’d recommend this to anyone who is recovering from an accident and has suffered in the mind or body, to anyone fighting a serious illness, or to anyone who wants to get through their pregnancy with peace and strength.  If you are battling depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, The Therapeutic Yoga Kitwould be a very beneficial addition to your treatment program.  A most valuable box with a host of positive benefits!

Also available: The Yin Yoga Kit: The Practice of Quiet Power (Boxed Set) While I haven’t tested this one, it promises to be a wonderful set as well.

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