There’s a Squirrel in my Living Room

I swore I’d never do this again. Throughout my childhood and teen years, it seemed like clockwork: Spring came and I rescued a baby animal or injured critter, which would eventually die, leaving me in tears.  I said last year I was NOT having anything to do with that baby robin. If he wanted to jump featherless out of the darned tree every morning, then let nature take his course. I didn’t mean to name him Geronimo and get all attached like that. So yesterday afternoon when we found a baby squirrel on the sidewalk (another jumper), I told my husband it was very sad for little squirrel, but he’ll probably not make it. “Let’s keep going.”  Cold? Callous? I don’t really know. The squirrel’s nest was so far up the tree that I knew this tiny thing whose eyes were still closed, ears pinned to the sides of his head, probably wouldn’t stand a chance. He was making hungry grunting sounds and I honestly thought he was in his last moments. But my husband couldn’t leave him. He started asking what one would feed it, and how one would care for it, and what one would let a baby squirrel sleep in.

We carried it home in my son’s Pooh hat.

I said I wouldn’t get attached. I said it could sleep in a box in the garage. Somehow the little bugger ended up sleeping in our living room in a plastic container, lined with torn paper and a thin baby blanket. And miraculously he not only made it through the night, he seems to be gaining strength. His paw, which seemed to be pretty badly damaged last night, looks to be just fine now. He’s gained a good amount of energy, and although he spends most of his time sleeping snuggled against a stuffed sock, when he is awake he’s kinda – well, squirrely.

I don’t know what we’ll do with him if he survives. After all, squirrels don’t mix well with mini dachshunds or little boys. We do have a nature center nearby, and I know they deal with rescued animals. So if the little guy manages to grow and thrive, then I imagine we’ll take him there. Since I myself have never been a squirrel, I don’t know how to teach him to be one. And I know the nature center has its resources. They’ve had a one-winged, one-eyed owl for years, so I imagine they wouldn’t mind having a squirrel with a limp.

In the meantime I’ll try not to get attached, but he does require regular feedings, and gosh darn he sure looks cute sleeping next to my sock…

11 thoughts on “There’s a Squirrel in my Living Room

  1. The hubby and I rescued a squirrel once too…a grown one! It’s very hard to turn away from something so innocent! Hope he makes it and can go to the nature center!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Oh happy Day! =-.

  2. Keep a close watch. When he decides to spread his “wings,” he can do a lot of damage and fast. Those nails are SHARP! I might take him to the nature center now and let them raise him. Just my opinion.
    .-= Jane Marie´s last blog ..A Mother’s Day Poem =-.

  3. Raising an orphaned squirrel was one of the best and most rewarding things my family ever did! He was tiny like yours, and he thrived. Once he was grown, we would put him outside, and he would stand at the front door when he was ready to come back in. One day he just decided he didn’t need to come back inside.

    My mom still can’t get over him.

    (Also…he didn’t do any damage to us or our home. Having him was such a joy!)

  4. Amy, I’m so glad to hear that! My husband has been wondering if we couldn’t just let him out when he’s old enough and make sure he has food, water, shelter etc. I wasn’t sure if it was possible. But my biggest worry is that my dachshunds are mighty hunters and have managed to capture some unfortunate rabbits in the past. All the animals are separated in the house now and the dogs don’t even realize there’s a squirrel in our house, but having one run around our yard? I don’t know how we’d do it. At least it’s nice to know that a squirrel released back into the wild could make it. He really is thriving today, and I can see his eyes are just starting to open. His paw is healing very quickly too!

  5. My Dad had a squirrel for many years growing up. They used a potty box like a cat for it’s potty business needs. They feed it lots of nuts and berries and such. Yet, one day when one of the boys was rocking in the rocking chair the squirrel ran underneath and the leg rocked back and broke it’s poor little neck. My Dad was pretty upset. So, he was always telling us kids to never get too attached to our pets, but we always did. We cried when our cat Fuzzy died from a rattlesnake bite. I believe I even saw a tear in my Dad’s eye, though he wouldn’t have wanted us kids to know that he’d got attached to that cat too.

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  7. Awwwww..good luck!! You two are beautiful;)
    It feels way better to at least try to help, especially animal babies who have no other chance.

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