Tiger’s Milk Nutrition Bar $100 Halloween Giveaway!

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Congratulations to S. Clarck!  Your goodies are on the way…save one for us too.  

You read it right!  The people at Tiger’s Milk want to help you have a healthy Halloween.  All us health-conscious moms and dads start quaking in our boots at the mere mention of Halloween.  Those sugary treats are a nightmare on our kids’ health.  If you don’t like the idea of joining in and passing out sticky stuff to every kid coming to your door, Tiger’s Milk has a monster of a goodie bag to give away.  Here’s what they’ll set you up with:

“Tiger’s Milk®, America’s original nutrition bar, is giving one lucky reader of dkmommyspot.com a fabric jack-o-lantern stuffed with treats:   Halloween pencils and erasers plus yummy King Size Tiger’s Milk bars.  Tiger’s Milk is an affordable and delicious alternative to candy bars and other snacks for Halloween with an optimum balance of protein and carbohydrates for energy.    Tiger’s Milk bars provide a great value and are sold at Trader Joe’s and at select retailers nationwide.  For more information and to find the retailer that carries Tiger’s Milk near you, visit www.tigersmilk.com or call 1-800-695-7888.” 

The whole kit and kaboodle is $100 worth of goodies!  You get a treat-stuffed pumpkin, plus an entire case of Tiger’s Milk bars.  Man, I’m trick-or-treating at the winner’s house this year.  I tried a few Tiger’s Milk bars recently, and I’m hooked.  I remember being a (slightly unusual) kid who liked to hang out at the health food store in the center of town.  (Yes, really.)  They had Tiger’s Milk bars back then, and I used to go in and get one whenever I could.  Trying them again years later, I got a little blast from my atypical childhood and remembered how very much I liked them.  These days trips to the health food store are much more common (not to mention more acceptable), and I usually get myself a little treat there.  I’ll be tossing a few Tiger’s Milks in the cart from now on!

How to enter?  I was afraid you’d never ask!  


3 Ways to Enter:

1.) What do you usually do about all the Halloween sweets?  Or share a healthy Halloween idea!  Have fun with your comment! If I can’t contact the randomly drawn winner, I choose according to comments.

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Feel free to do all three, and you have three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Sunday, October 26, 2008, to enter.

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309 thoughts on “Tiger’s Milk Nutrition Bar $100 Halloween Giveaway!

  1. Our community has a Halloween party with snacks and games.Usually the snacks are
    caramel apples and popcorn balls,stickers,pencils etc

  2. I take all the peanut butter cups, he he, and let them eat the rest. It never gets eaten, my kids do not have a sweet tooth (luckily!)

  3. Mine can have all he wants on trick or treat night (I’m hoping he’ll learn lifes tummy lessons) and then he can have one per day. Of course, I need to eat some while he’s at school. We wouldn’t want them to go bad :)

    mannequins last blog post..

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