Top Twelve Fruits and Vegetables You Don’t Have to Buy Organic

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While I love my organic produce, it can be an added expense for the growing family.  In such an economic crunch as we’re in now, you may find yourself feeling guilty for passing the organic stuff by, but there are twelve fruits and vegetables you don’t have to feel bad about buying just because it’s not organic.  Avoiding pesticides whenever possible is always best, but when you have to cut back on the grocery bill, here are the top twelve fruits and veggies to reach for:










Sweet Corn (frozen)

Sweet Peas (frozen)

Some of these items have thick skins, therefore keeping the pesticide out of the fruit.  But the biggest common factor here is the fact that they all have the lowest pesticide load.  Since they tend to be more resistant to pests, fewer chemicals are needed for growth.  Why does the sweet corn and sweet peas (frozen) need fewer pesticides?   Apparently, the washing and blanching process used to prepare them for freezing eliminates 80 – 90% of the pesticides, according to the U.S. based National Food Processors Association.

Keep this list handy; another good money saving tip to help you lower your grocery bill while keeping the family healthy during the economic crunch.

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