The leaves on the trees are colorful, the last warm sunny days of the year are approaching. We think autumn is the perfect time to experience great nature adventures. We now introduce you to the eleven most beautiful travel destinations in October. Join us on a roundtrip and be inspired to plan your next vacation!

Destinations in Europe


A very nice destination for the fall is Greece. The Mediterranean is still warmed up by the summer and temperatures are just over 20 degrees. Perfect conditions for outdoor fans who want more than just a beach holiday – although the jump into the sea is still quite possible.

Thanks to the influential role of the Hellenes in antiquity, you can immerse yourself deep in a colorful history: the Acropolis, Pantheon and Corinth are just three of the outstanding historical sites.

And if you love trekking, October is really a perfect month. What many do not know: Greece consists of almost 80 percent of Bergen, which makes the country a Mecca for hikers, climbing enthusiasts and mountain bikers.

Especially in places like Litohoro or Samothraki, the largely unspoiled nature can be wonderfully explored by bike. On the coast there are also ideal conditions for water sports. Whether sailing, windsurfing or diving – all this is possible on the mainland or on one of the more than 3000 islands .

In addition, a holiday in October offers the advantage that you can experience the national holiday “Ochi-day” . As a reminder of the resistance against the Italian occupiers during the Second World War, a big parade will take place in Thessaloniki on this day.


The Portuguese island of Madeira is, in principle, a fascinating destination all year round. Because of its mild climate, it is also called the “Island of Eternal Spring” .

Especially in October, when the leaves in the lush forests turn golden and the flowers bloom in the colorful gardens, a visit is worthwhile. A holiday on the Atlantic island is particularly suitable for you, if you are in the mood for more than just swimming pleasure.

From exploring historic towns to challenging mountain walks to bathing in the natural seawater pools of Porto Moniz, you’ll find plenty to do.

Another unforgettable experience is whale watching, where you sometimes even have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Highly recommended are also hikes on the Pico Ruivo or the Levada hiking trails.

You can see extinct volcanoes, basalt rock formations, deep valleys and a lush, blooming in many colors nature. This is also the main difference to the neighboring Canary Islands. These are suitable for beach tourists, Madeira, however, is the preferred choice of independent adventure and active vacationers.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is probably not as well known as a travel tip in October. Wrong, as we find. Our neighbouring country has a lot to offer in terms of active holidays. If you want to explore breathtaking nature on foot or by bicycle, you should inform yourself about the wine roads of South Moravia or the Orlické Mountains.

The 1603 meter high Schneekoppe in the Sudetenland also offers great panoramas, numerous hiking trails and opportunities for paragliding. Fascinating outdoor activities are also possible in the Bohemian Paradise in the northeast of the country. 

On a hike you can explore the famous rock towns of sandstone and visit the famous Trosky Castle. If you like to hike, you should also visit the National Park Saxon Switzerland with its deep gorges and forests. You can also explore the Vltava very nicely by canoe. In addition, the capital city of Prague with its medieval old town and the thermal baths of Karlovy Vary are worth a tour.


October is great for city breaks. It is not so hot anymore, the weather is mostly constant and pleasant. How about Vienna, for example? Temperatures around 15 degrees and only six rainy days are good conditions. There is also no shortage of activities in Vienna.

Numerous water sports providers have settled down along the old Danube. You can surf for example or rent a boat. The Lobau National Park offers you excellent conditions for long walks through the beautiful nature. And why not cycle along the water or ride inline skates?

The Leopoldsberg is also the northernmost foothills of the Alps in the 19th district. Here you come at your expense, if you want to go hiking.

Vienna definitely does not lack sights: you should definitely have seen Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, Belvedere Palace or St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Also a round with the ferris wheel on the Viennese Prater must not be missing in any case. If you are a culture lover, you will not only find what you are looking for in the State Opera and the Kunsthistorisches Museum. 


When the unbearable heat of summer has passed, you will find the best conditions for Rome as your destination in October. The Italian capital has more to offer in sights than almost any other place in the world.

Especially culture and history enthusiasts will get their money’s worth here: Coliseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, as well as the Vatican City with St. Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo offer exciting insights into the glorious past of Rome.

A particularly lively nightlife can be found in the district of Travestere. If you like it more sporty, you’ll get in the know when skating or skateboarding at Villa Borghese. You can rent roller skates if you do not want to lug your own on the plane.

There is a golf club in the Via Appia and there are very good opportunities for jogging or cycling in the city parks. Great concerts and events take place anyway throughout the year in the lively metropolis of millions.


Destinations Worldwide


An epitome of adventure and outdoor activities is Nepal. The country in Southeast Asia has some of the highest mountains in the world. In the Himalaya mountains is also the Mount Everest, with 8848 meters the highest elevation in the world. Here you have the opportunity to experience the ultimate mountain adventure and climb to the base camp at 5350 feet.

Ideal for alpine activities are the months of October / November. Autumn is the start of the trekking high season. The landscape blossoms after the monsoon season and the air is much clearer than before, so that the views extend far. In addition, there are on average only four rainy days per month and in the lower elevations, it is pleasantly warm.

Up in the mountains it is definitely worth exploring the Annapurna Circuit. This is a long-distance hiking trail, which you can alternatively also ride on a mountain bike. For three weeks you should definitely plan for the complete route, which is considered to be one of the most spectacular in the world.

Worth seeing are not only the impressive mountain ranges. Of course, in your travel program, an extensive tour of the capital Kathmandu should not be missed. The city is rich in historical and religious sites such as the Buddhist temples Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath and gives you insights into a completely alien culture for us. 


A real land of longing and one of the perfect travel destinations in October is Peru. The South American Andean state offers not only a spectacular nature but also great insights into the once rich culture of the Incas.

One of the best known is Machu Picchu, a well preserved 15th century ruined city. At an altitude of almost 2,500 meters, you not only enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding peaks, but you can also track down long-forgotten times.

A great way is to approach Machu Picchu on a hike. You can do that in about three to five days. On your tour, the capital Lima should not be missed. It is rich in sights – be it museums, historic buildings or city parks.

Another experience that you will never forget is a hike through the gorge of the condor: the Colca Canyon is the deepest gorge in the world at around 4,000 meters. For comparison: The Grand Canyon comes to only 1800 meters. In this incomparable setting, you can see condors flying along the steep slopes in the early morning.


If you travel to Canada in the golden October, you come exactly to the so-called Indian Summer. It is by far the best travel time for the far north of the American continent. The best way to explore the country with a motor home or rental car in a round trip.

In autumn, the forests in the national parks turn brown, green and yellow – a blaze of color that exceeds any imagination. In addition, the temperatures are pleasant, the sky usually shines blue and it hardly rains.

Especially for outdoor enthusiasts, Canada is one of the best travel destinations in the world. You can paddle across glacial lakes and rivers by canoe, go on extensive hikes in the Rocky Mountains, cast your fishing rod or go on a whale watching tour. The possibilities are almost inexhaustible.

To the east, cities like Toronto and Quebeck, as well as Algonquin Provincial Park or Niagara Falls are waiting for you. But even the underrated capital Ottawa has much to offer.

In the West, the “Rockys” with national parks such as Banff and Jasper, but also Vancouver every year attract many adventurers to Canada. At the top of the far north of the country, the Yukon Territory stretches all the way to Alaska. Here really pure nature is waiting for you!


The East African country is an excellent destination year-round. October, however, offers you a great advantage: Then the great animal migration in the Masai Mara is in full swing. Hosts of wildebeests, antelopes and zebras leave the dry Serengeti and head north, seeking water and fertile soil. Predators make use of this: so many lions, cheetahs and leopards hunt in the Mara at this time.

It is one of the most fascinating natural spectacles on earth! But the other national parks are worth a visit between the two rainy seasons: Tsavo East and West with the red elephants, Amboseli with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, Lake Nakuru with its two million flamingos – every region of Kenya has its own peculiarities.

In Nairobi and Mombasa you get an impression of life in modern African cities. You can end your Kenya safari perfectly on one of the dream beaches on the Indian Ocean: Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Tiwi Beach – as with the National Parks you are spoiled for choice!

Finally, if you want to be active on the coast, you can take advantage of the numerous water sports available or book a scuba diving or snorkelling trip on Wasini Island. There are no limits to the possibilities in one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Africa.


White sand, turquoise water, palm trees blowing in the wind – the trademark of the Seychelles archipelago are the beautiful beaches. There is hardly another place in the world where you will find such a beautiful, untouched and, above all, diverse coastline. Therefore, the inclusion in our travel tips October is no coincidence.

Many of the small atolls only consist of a hotel with accommodation directly on, or even above the water. It’s no secret that you can perfectly relax there or spend your honeymoon all year round. But even if you are a friend of well-groomed water sports or adventure vacationers, you will get your money’s worth on the islands of eternal summer.

For example, island hopping, where you can spend a lot of time in the national parks Morne Seychellois, Vallée de Mai or Curieuse. When touring the dense rainforest on the rather mountainous main island of Mahé, you’ll sweat quickly. Also on La Digue you can go on great walks to various beaches. And that a holiday in Seychelles does not have to be so expensive.

Enjoy moments of pleasure when visiting a market or a barbecue on the beach. Diving, surfing and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the archipelago are of course also popular leisure activities.


Hardly any other country combines such a diversity of flora and fauna as Australia. The beauty on land is joined by an equally dazzling underwater world. Here you are always in the middle of nature. The nicest way to explore this huge country is with a camper.

The range of outdoor activities is correspondingly varied. The fascinating landscape is best explored on foot on hikes. Here are about the Larapinta Trail through the Outback, the Gold Coast Great Walk in Queensland or the Overland Track in Tasmania.

You can get to know the coast on a sailing trip or you can navigate small bays by canoe. If you are travelling inland, you should not miss a visit to Uluru.

For divers and snorkel fans, the Great Barrier Reef is a must. You can really find beautiful beaches along the entire coastline, but especially in the west of this gigantic country. An absolute hotspot for surfers is the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane.

Cities like Sydney and Melbourne will inspire you. The Kakadu National Park fascinates with tropical climate, swamps, rivers and a large species richness.