True Green Life in 100 Everyday Ways

Earth Day is upon us, and while it’s a great reminder to us all to do our part in taking care of this great and beautiful planet, we all need reminders the rest of the year as well.  Having something around like the True Green Life: In 100 Everyday Ways published by National Geographic may just be the boost you and your family need to keep the Earth Day momentum turning.

This lovely book gives large photo pages highlighted with a simple tip on each.  It’s so simple, in fact, that at first glance I wasn’t certain as to its longtime value.  It’s visually pleasing indeed, but by picking it up and flipping it open to any page, you’re sure to be surprised with a suggestion that’s not only doable, but in many cases fun.

The book is set in sections: Travel, Family, Health, and more.  From there, one need only sit back, enjoy the beautiful photography, and gain ideas and a good dose of inspiration.

While some of the ideas are more complex (we can’t all have our own live chickens in the yard), others are immediately applicable (like cutting fuel costs by avoiding that lead-footed driving).  

Whether True Green Life: In 100 Everyday Ways ends up on display on your coffee table or in a magazine stand in the (ahem!) loo, it will no doubt bring enjoyment and a green education.  And that’s something that will make every day an Earth Day.

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