Turning Summer Yardwork into Family Fun

Enjoy this guest post on turning your summer yardwork into eco-friendly family fun. And run through the sprinkler while you’re at it, eh?

When the weather is warm, summertime chores take family members outdoors to keep the lawn looking nice, the garden weeded and other areas of the house looking spiffy. Finding fun ways accomplish these chores can help your family make long-lasting memories:

Lawn Care

Keeping the grass cut is often a hot, time-consuming job that pollutes the environment with gasoline fumes. Push reel mowers are an excellent example of a lawnmower for summer landscaping needs. If you’re a mom who is concerned about the environment, you can encourage your pre-teens and teens to take turns using the mower by reminding them that it will help condition them for sports in which they participate. If your child has an artistic streak, he might enjoy creating patterns on the lawn using the push reel mower.


Elementary-aged children who aren’t yet ready to use machinery can help in the vegetable or flower garden. Children love to plant gardens that attract butterflies or hummingbirds that they can watch. You’ll need to research the types of plants that will work best in the area where you live. Once the plants are growing, the frequent winged visitors will provide hours of enchantment for your family.


Weeds pop up continually, no matter how diligently you work to eliminate them. Kids can learn how to identify weeds by helping you pull them. Perhaps siblings can have a good-natured contest to see who can pull the most weeds during a certain period of time, with a small reward for the winner. Kids can also learn how to get rid of weeds as they begin to sprout using household vinegar.

Car Washing

Everyone remembers how much fun it is to get out the hose and a pail of soapy water on a hot day to wash the family car. You should use a biodegradable soap and park the car on gravel or your lawn, rather than your driveway, so the water will soak into soil rather than running into a storm drain. Use as little water as you can, although you can spare a little extra to give everyone a good soaking. After all, that’s part of the fun of washing a car.  Using just a bit of imagination, you’ll find that there are a number of fun ways your family can work together to get all the extra outdoor chores done during the summer. Once you’ve completed them, you can sit back and enjoy a glass of cold lemonade or visit your favorite ice cream shop.

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