Unvaccinated, Home Schooled, and TV-Free – Book Review and Giveaway

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If you want to make informed and from-the-heart parenting decisions without simply following the crowd, you're going to need this book.

Perhaps one of my biggest motivations with this blog, along with chemical-free living and healing through herbalism, is to promote the idea that it’s always best to open our minds and really look at something before forming an opinion.  Sometimes that sort of internal wisdom is applied when deciding on whether or not to treat your kids with herbs or with an over-the-counter medication.  Other times it has to do with whether or not to eat whole and organic foods, or to eat at a drive-thru again.  And yet other times it has more to do with education, vaccination, or how our kids spend their free time.  I recently read Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free by Julie Cook, and no doubt this is a woman who takes free thinking to heart.

Julie Cook’s book states clearly on the cover “It’s NOT Just for Fanatics and Zealots”.  Although in the past things such as homeschooling or (heaven help us!) life without television were thought of as fringe behavior and are no doubt still viewed as  such by many, things are beginning to change.  Julie’s book shares her own experiences while making choices on how to raise  her own daughter, and she leads us through the research she did which lead her to such decisions – like not vaccinating just because everyone around her chose to.  Although her personal research on such topics involved hours of thorough research, she offers an easy-to-comprehend, yet jaw-dropping version in the book, citing cources so parents can do more digging if they desire.  And believe me, after reading what she’s unearthed on these topics, you’ll want to learn more!

The biggest message I came away with once I’d read the book is this:  The choices we make when parenting should never be made based simply on what our neighbors do or what our parents did or what the media reports; it’s best to take the time to research, even when what we uncover isn’t easy to face.  We should make our parenting decisions based on a balance of fact and on what our hearts dictate.  Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free is a brave book, and I sincerely hope it finds its way into the hands of new and experienced parents alike.

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