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PhotobucketWhen you want to escape but can’t afford the airfare, what do you do?  I pick up a book.  Recently, my family did manage to escape for a week and take a beautiful vacation in the Northern woods.  With all the books I review, I had a hard time figuring out what book would accompany me – at first.  But what better way to thoroughly enjoy the wooded setting than to take a book about a spot that made our bit of forest look like a happening metropolis?  I chose Up the Lake by Wayne J. Lutz.

At first I wasn’t sure which blog of mine was best suited for this book.  While carp(e) libris reviews does have a lot of memoir and true stories featured (such as this one), here at dkMommy Spot we like to talk about living naturally.  I knew you’d be just the right audience. 

Wayne Lutz and his wife are actually pilots from Los Angeles.  Not exactly the place one goes to discover wild life.  Well, not that kind of wild life.  So when in their travels they stumbled across the float cabins of Coastal British Columbia, they knew they’d found their perfect getaway.  Up the Lake shares the adventures and challenges they have had learning to live off the grid on a cabin that literally floats on the river.  These unusual cabins are built upon cedar logs and are anchored to the shore in the middle of the wilderness.  If you want to get to your house, you have to take a boat.  If you want to have running water, you’d better stand outside and watch the river go by – or learn to harness it for yourself.  

I found Up the Lake to be rather inspirational.  That’s because I’ve always dreamed of ditching it all and becoming totally self-sufficient.  But I’m a suburb girl, no matter how I try not to be, and any decent local of a wilderness town would certainly laugh me out of the woods.  Or would they?  In Lutz’ case, he openly admits to his shortcomings and his inability to hide his citified roots.  But where he falls short, the locals step in, in particular one helpful neighbor named John who seems to know everything about everything, and is more than happy to lend a hand.

Whether you want to get lost in another world or you want to remember your dreams of leaving it all for the wilderness, give Up the Lake a shot.  You may just find yourself once again dreaming of a slower paced lifestyle; who knows?  Maybe you’ll follow through after you remember it can be done.

Also check out Wayne Lutz’s blog.  Amazing photography!

3 Ways to Enter

1.) Tell me what your “dream life” is.  Do you want to pack it all up and move into the wilderness?  Or are you dreaming of the bright lights of the city?  Maybe you already live the dream! Tell us about it.  Remember, leave an interesting comment.  If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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Feel free to do all three, and you have three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Thursday, September 11, 2008, to enter.

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78 thoughts on “Up the Lake – A True Adventure Book Giveaway

  1. Well, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than California, but there are lots of places I would like to spend some extended time at: Kona in the winter. Maine in the summer.

  2. My dream would be to move back to Chicago. I’d love to live in the city and not have to worry about a car. I love the feeling of anonymity city life brings with it and the hustle bustle makes me feel alive.

  3. I’d love to live on the beach somewhere but in the north like Cape cod or Nova Scotia so there are no hurricanes!

  4. My dream would be for science to find a cure for the chronic pain condition that has left me 100% permanently disabled, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I would LOVE to return to the career I had before I got hurt on the job which was my passion….teaching. That is my dream!!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  5. My husband and I have been to Santorini, Greece twice–once on our honeymoon and once on our 5th anniversary. We’d love to retire or live there someday. No place is closer to Heaven.

  6. Our dream is to have a small farm. We both came from farming families and it just seems like the perfect life for us. We are part way to our dream, but we’re still young, so I’m sure we’ll get there one day :)

  7. I’ve always wanted to live on the water and be able to take a boat out and stay for the weekend and since I’m able to do that I guess guess you could say that I’m sort of living it. Although to make it really ideal I’d already be retired.

  8. My ultimate dream would be a house along the beach with the mountains within an hour’s drive. I love both almost equally and my current home in the center of the US has neither. Considering how crowded most coastal areas are I’m sure I will never have the opportunity to live exactly where I want to be but a girl can dream.

  9. i so wished we had moved into a rural area with no neighbors for miles..just woods..we have the neighbors from hell and i sure wish i had looked for a better location :(

  10. My dream is to spend a long long time just traveling with my husband – like take a year off. Don’t know if it’ll ever happen but its so fun to plan! Thanks for the chance!

  11. I would love to live a less busy life — by living somewhere closer to nature. It would be lovely to wake up in the morning by birds singing, and being able to be in the mountains on a beautiful lake that has beach!!!

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