Using Fans on Sleeping Infants – SIDS Reducer?

It’s all over the American news today – use a fan on your sleeping infant, and the risk of SIDS is greatly reduced. But will you find this story in the UK?  In Australia, New Zealand, the rest of the civilized world?  Probably not.  Why is that?  That’s because in other areas of the world, flame retardant chemicals in baby mattresses are viewed as the cold hard cause of SIDS.  

It has been scientifically researched over and over in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  The results are always the same.  When a newborn baby wets a mattress, the moisture is trapped inside.  The mixture of urine and the flame retardant chemicals (banned in the aforementioned countries and continents) cause a chemical reaction, leading to a gas which floats up to breathing level for newborns.  That’s why babies who sleep on their backs are more safe – they’re further from the gasses.  That’s why the fan works – it blows away the gasses.  Want heavy-duty scientific research results on these studies?  I got ’em.

Prevent Crib Death (SIDS)

Healthy Child Article

Cot Life 2000

If you have any doubts at all, please dig into the above links.

For those of you with newborns who feel as helpless as I did, you can actually still use that mattress by covering it properly.  I ordered a BabeSafe mattress cover from New Zealand.  Their most expensive cover is only $35 and there is NO shipping and handling charge!  They say it takes up to 10 days, but I remember when I got mine it was there in about 3 days which was surprising since it travelled so far.  

Please tell everyone you know they can prevent SIDS by something as simple as this mattress cover.  Organic baby mattresses are also safe, but they do tend to be quite pricey.  As far as I’ve determined, this is the most effective and inexpensive precaution for SIDS.

Note:  I do not have any ties or connections with the BabeSafe people, nor have they asked me or paid me to write about them.  I simply believe in what they are doing and wish to pass them along to my U.S. readers.

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10 thoughts on “Using Fans on Sleeping Infants – SIDS Reducer?

  1. Thanks for the very informative post. I have a 6 month old and I always worry about finding him dead in his crib (I know all mother’s worry about that). I didn’t realize that urine creates a chemical reaction with the fire retardant chemicals. I’m going to check into getting that cover. Thankfully, the mattress was a hand-me-down from a friend, so it had a few years to air out before we got it.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful, health-filled articles, and congrats on your blogiversary!

    Kathleens last blog post..Tackle it Tuesday: The Nursery

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    Glad you liked the post! I remember from this study that older mattresses still contain the gasses. In fact, the more babies who have used the mattresses, the more dangerous they become. I’ve heard it said in U.S. news articles that our researchers have found the more babies that have slept on a mattress, the more dangerous that mattress becomes – but they claim they don’t know why! It all makes sense when put into the perspective of the flame retardant gasses.

  3. That is an incredibly helpful post!
    Mine are all grown now but now I feel horrible thinking of what I was inadvertently doing, I feel quite sure.
    Well, at least I’m informed now (thanks to you) so can warn any new parents. Thanks so much for this one.

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  4. Thank you for mentioning this. We used the mattress covers on every mattress our son slept on. I researched this topic before my son was born and the evidence can’t be ignored! I tell everyone I know who is having a baby about this and pass along web-sites. There are companies in the US now that are starting to use a natural/alternative fire retardant. I don’t know much about it but it sounds like a great thing to help protect our precious ones!

  5. I loved the YouTube movie of the little boy(s). I have two sons and 4 grandsons.I ike the Cold and Flu section. I iked the Hers and Health sections.

  6. I’m glad you posted about this. We ordered one of those covers too, and it gave me great peace of mind. Dr. Sprott’s research is the first I’ve read about that actually has some answers. My concern is that we cosleep now. Our daughter is old enough I don’t worry about crib death (16 months) but any future babies will have to sleep in a sidecar because they don’t make adult mattresses without all that junk in them, nor do they make covers big enough (or comfortable enough). We will certainly always use a cover on any crib or cradle one of our children sleeps in, but I wish there was an option for big mattresses. When it’s time to buy one again, I’d love to have a natural mattress but I don’t think there is such a thing around here.

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  7. You can find natural mattresses online, but they are pretty pricey. And if I recall, I think you can get one of those mattress covers for a full-sized mattress. I’ll have to go back and look again. I’m quite certain I’ve seen them.

    For natural mattresses, they come stuffed with organic cotton or wool. I suppose you could use the all-natural futons too if you go with a really good one for support, but then again a pretty pricey item!

  8. I bookmarked this blog a year ago for ‘when I needed it.’ Well, I just found out I’ll be needing one! :) However, the link to the mattress cover or the companies home page doesn’t work, do you know the new address?

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