Using Herbs To Control Skin Outbreaks

Today’s guest post will help you learn to use herbs to control skin outbreaks – Just love that acne mask recipe! Enjoy!

Chamomile Flowers for Healthy Skin

For millennia, women and men have been using herbs to support the heath of their skin. As modern people become more and more wary of synthetic skin products, they’ve rediscovered some of the herbs that used to keep their ancestors skin fresh, blemishless and healthy. See for more information.

The Good and Bad News About Oily Skin 

Skin outbreaks can happen to anyone, but they seem to be the bane of people with oily complexions, or at least young people with oily complexions. For people with oily skin have skin that holds in moisture, so they tend to have fewer wrinkles as they age.

Since oil does have the benefit of keeping the skin lubricated, nothing should be taken that shuts down oil production all together. Some herbs can stop the overproduction of oil that leads to skin outbreaks like acne. Some of these herbs include basil, eucalyptus, lemon grass, yarrow and the fruit and leaves of strawberries.

Cleaning Away Excess Oil 

A person with oily skin should wash their face at least twice a day with a neutral cleanser. Cotton pads dampened with witch hazel will also help wipe away excess oil. They can also steam their face once a week to unclog the pores and further get rid of excess oil. Alcohol should be used sparingly, as it dries out the skin so much that the skin reacts by producing even more oil than it did before.

One facial steam for oily complexions uses a mix of herbs: 

1 rounded teaspoon each of chamomile flowers, lemon grass leaves, lavender flowers and rosemary leaves. Simmer water, add the herbs, remove from the heat and steep for five minutes. A mask for an oily complexion can be this one:

1 tbs. witch hazel

1 tsp. bentonite clay

1 strawberry, mashed

2 drops each of lemon and cypress essential oils

Mix the ingredients and apply to the face. Leave on for about five to 10 minutes, then rinse.

A mask for acne can be: 

1 tsp. bentonite clay

1 tsp. ground strawberry leaves

1 drop chamomile, sage or rosemary essential oil

1 drop of tea tree essential oil


Mix these ingredients into a paste with the water. Apply to the face in a thin layer and take care to avoid the eyes. Leave on for as long as it’s comfortable, then rinse.

Herbs and their essential oils can make a great difference when it comes to skin care and they’re much less expensive to buy than the batteries of skin care products found on the drugstore shelves!

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  2. Thanks for the simple but effective tips here. Me and my friend drink plenty of water everyday but also exfoliate our skin once a day or every other day, we find using various herbal mixtures or natural herbal rinses applied to our faces has increased the glow on our skin but also cleared up some past pimple marks. Definately going to have to try using the strawberry leaves sometime, heard some good things about this too! Thank you.
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