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Today’s product review of Vaska Herbatergent, a natural laundry detergent, is by guest writer Jane Marie of Thyme for Herbs and An Herbal Bedfellow.

I’ve been trying a new natural laundry detergent lately, called Herbatergent from Vaska. It’s concentrated so the 48 ounce bottle takes care of 32 loads!

After a few weeks I felt it was safe to say that it performs very well, and I am quite pleased. Not only for the clean clothes and fresh scent, but because it is chemical free. I’ve put it through the wringer (in the old days I really would have), and it worked just as well on delicates as it did on dirty jeans and sweatshirts.

This non-toxic, environmentally safe product is used by some of the finest hotels in San Francisco ; namely the Ritz-Carlton and the Joie de Vivre. The San Francisco Giants think enough of it to use it on their linens, and I can imagine what those towels look like after a game!

Herbatergent is made from real lavender and powerful botanicals. I used the allergen and scent-free product,which is great for babies or people with sensitive skin.  It also comes in a light lavender scent – my favorite; it think I’ll have to try that one next.  It’s also graywater and septic tank safe, so no worries there. The bottles are made from HDPE, which is short for “high-density polyethylene” That simply means it is recyclable in most cities.

All in all, I give Herbatergent a thumbs up!

Want to win your own full-sized bottle of Vaska Herbatergent ($9 retail)? Vaska is giving one away to a dkM reader!  Enter below!

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Feel free to do all five to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Tuesday, February 9, 2010, to enter.

186 thoughts on ““Vaska Herbatergent” Natural Laundry Detergent Giveaway

  1. Vaska means, “to wash” in Faroese (Old Norse) – “til dag ar vask dag” means, “today is wash day.” Swedes, most Norwegians, and Icelanders speak a modern version of Old Norse. Vaska founder Julia Fry grew up in Minnesota, and the Nordic culture there remains dear to her heart.

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  3. The company was founded by a fashion designer, has been established for several years and is based in Berkeley, California.

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  7. Is there a VASKA giveaway coming up? I’d be very interested in entering. The word is that “VASKA HERBATERGENT” Laundry Deterdent works wonders on one’s dirty, dingy laundry. Thus, I’d be thrilled to win a free sample of VASKA. I would also love to try SPOTOFF STAIN REMOVER. My dog tracks in all kind of stains on my carpet. WOW, I hope there is a giveaway going on. Thank you

  8. Iam a facebook subscriber. I love the fact that Vaska is chemical free. Also if the Ritz uses it, it must be a good detergent. It comes in concentrated form and that is what I also like and the fact the bottle it comes in is also recycleable. I am giving it a thumbs up from what I have read and now would like to give it a try myself.

  9. I have never tried this product.. I am waiting for a free sample.I will defintly try it and tell you what I think and it would be nice to win this product too.

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