Veganomicon Cookbook Review

Very likely the mother of all vegan cookbooks, the Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbookby Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero is a vegetarian chef’s idea of perfect reading material.  The book’s nearly 300 pages are filled with hundreds of recipes, cooking advice, ingredient info, and heaps of humor making it a joy to read, as well as to cook with.

I tested several of this book’s recipes on my own family, and we really enjoyed the challenge.  Over the years, we’ve become true fans of tempeh (properly prepared, it’s a “meaty” addition to vegetarian fare), and Veganomicon loaded us up with options.  The tempeh recipes were a big hit, and while I prepared ours in my beloved iron skillet, we’re really looking forward to throwing these on our grill.  We also tried the Pasta E Fagioli (pg. 194), an uncomplicated and filling meal which reminded us why we enjoy the combination of pasta and beans, so surprising to most American taste buds.  But while this recipe was rather simple, much of the Veganomicon is for the true vegan foodie who enjoys taking some time in the kitchen.  As it turns out, I love to cook meals that require more effort; call it cooking therapy.

All the recipes in Veganomicon that we tried were things I’d probably make again.  I enjoy perusing through this book, reading recipes, and selecting a menu for our family.  And the family enjoys the eating adventure!  Definitely a must-have for the vegan who really loves their food.