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Vivesana Solar to Polar Baby - Natural Skin Protection that Works!
Vivesana Solar to Polar Baby - Natural Skin Protection that Works!

A good natural sunscreen is important for the youngest to the oldest member of your family.  But it’s hard to find healthy, chemical-free sunscreens that don’t turn your skin a freakish white tint, don’t smell funny, don’t act oily, and aren’t hard to apply.  Believe me, I’ve tried numerous brands and spent plenty of hard earned dough on tubes of natural sunscreen that I didn’t like.  Precious few do it for me, so I completely understand why so many people give up and reach for the unnatural sunscreens that eventually float on the lake and get in my hair like an oil slick.  So happy was I when, after trying Vivesana’s Solar to Polar Baby Sunscreen, I discovered it met all my really tough standards.  

Vivesana’s Solar to Polar comes in a 40 SPF and a higher 42 SPF, which is perfect for babies, and frankly for anyone who wants to keep their skin free of the harmful rays of the summer sun.  Their 42 SPF formula provides the highest non-synthetic protection available, and since there are no chemicals and it’s non-drying, Vivesana is a great choice for even baby’s sensitive skin.  And since it’s easy to apply and seems to go further on the skin than many sunscreens I’ve tried, you can get your kid protected with a lot less effort – which is very appreciated both on the part of this mom and her wiggly little 3-year-old who’d rather be making sandcastles than waiting to be slathered in sunscreen.

What I really love about Vivesana is their overall effort to be “green”.  They’ve made sure even the tube the suscreen comes in is eco-friendly.  In their words, the tube is “safe, sustainable, domestic and BPA-free.”  The sunscreen itself is 70% organic and contains no water which provides more effective skin protection.  While Vivesana is more expensive than the synthetic brands, the product goes further than most, is safer than most, and in my opinion, is worth the extra money.   

Want to win your own tube of Vivesana Solar to Polar Baby Organic Sunscreen? Vivesana would like to give one full sized tube to one of you!  (Retail $32).

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  2. Today I learned about the OTA: Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership-based business association that focuses on the organic business community in North America. OTA’s mission is to promote and protect the growth of organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy. I love how more and more farming communities are realizing that organic does not mean the end of the old-time farmer. He may need to adapt to some changes but in the long run, it’s better for everyone concerned.

  3. I have been hearing about this type of product for awhile but hadn’t purchased one for our baby and family since I wasn’t sure if it offered proper protection. I really like how this company has chemical free sunscreens as well as other organic products and also provides a nice looking and informative website for customers. It’s also super cool and slightly addicting to read over the natural products benefits lol

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  5. It impresses me that they work to provide local, safe, responsible packaging without sacrificing a shade of personality or elegance! Thanks!!

  6. I like the sound of Dopo Elements, it’s such a good idea to have a product that is designed to hydrate, restore, and soothe your skin after you have been out in the sun. Thanks!

  7. Solar to Polar Ultra’s light botanicals, like jojoba and apricot, hydrate and nourish. Potent antioxidants, like green tea and raspberry seed, help scavenge radicals and repair damaged cells. Minerals, like zinc oxide, provide broad spectrum protection. Soothing extracts, like chamomile, help comfort skin exposed to the elements.

  8. I learned that Solar to Polar Ultra’s light botanicals, like jojoba and apricot, hydrate, and nourish.

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  10. I like that Solar to Polar Ultra has light botanicals – jojoba and apricot – that help hydrate and nourish skin

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