Waves of Gratitude – A Great Way to Express Your Thanks

No secret here – I love nature and I love to hang out in the woods with plants and trees. So of course I have been getting lots of wear out of my new Waves of Gratitude Branches of Hope necklace. I’ve always been fond of jewelry with circular designs, and this one shows a beautiful sterling silver tree with a clear Swarovski crystal hanging from one branch. The pendant is suspended on a black cord with a sterling silver clasp, and overall it’s a gorgeous piece. My mom saw it on me and said it was perfect!

What have I been wearing the necklace with? A Creativity Top also from Waves of Gratitude. I love this shirt, and the scoop neck is perfect for wearing with the necklace. The shirt has a nice form-fitting cut, and the swirly design makes for a more fashionable tee I’m comfortable in. And it’s 100% cotton – perfect for someone who isn’t too hip on synthetic fabrics. (Yes, I’m a fabric snob.)

If you swing by for shopping, there are some great deals right now. Signing up for email updates will get you a 15% off coupon for orders over $50. And when you buy a Branches of Hope necklace, you’ll get 15% off the total with $3 being donated to the Get In Touch Foundation which promotes early breast cancer detection.

If you feel Waves of Gratitude for anyone in your life, here’s a great place to get shopping for some meaningful – and beautiful – gifts!

Become a Fan:  Waves of Gratitude is headed towards 10,000 fans on Facebook!  Become a fan now, because when they hit their goal they’ll be doing a drawing for free jewelry – and you must be a fan to win!

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