“We Don’t Eat Much Meat – Are My Kids Getting Enough Protein?”

If you’ve cut back on meat consumption in your home, or if you’re a vegetarian family, you may be wondering whether or not your children are getting enough protein. Here’s the good news: Protein is in all whole food, not just meat and dairy. That’s right, your salad and the fruit bowl are both full of healthy vegetable protein.

Not only are veggies, fruits, nuts, and legumes full of protein, they also contain healthy micronutrients, something not found in animal products but very much needed in the human diet for optimal health. For instance, did you know peas, beans, and green vegetables contain even more protein per calorie than meat? Put that in your salad and chew on it!

Here are some healthy sources of protein for you and your family:

Almonds (3 oz.) 10 grams protein
Broccoli (2 cups) 10 grams protein
Brown Rice (1 cup) 5 grams protein
Lentils (1 cup) 18 grams protein
Peas (1 cup) 9 grams protein
Tofu (4 oz.) 11 grams protein

3 thoughts on ““We Don’t Eat Much Meat – Are My Kids Getting Enough Protein?”

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. My kids have never been big meat eaters except chicken. They get no fish of any kind. Is there something that I should be giving them. I don’t think I could mask fish in smoothie. LOL.

    They get almond butter almost daily, beans, and I just bought some soy milk to make smoothies. I have never really fed them soy, not really sold on that yet. Lots of fruit and vegies too.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the info here. Yeah, you can’t really add fish to a smoothie (ick!) but you’re really on the right track with feeding beans and almond butter. As for soy, tofu is often thought of as pretty gross, but if you put it in stirfry in little chunks, it picks up the flavors around it. On its own, not much taste. Something like glue. But if you keep up on the veggies, you’re doing well. I’m sure I’ll cover this more in later posts too, because it’s really new info to so many people – protein in veggies. I was floored when I learned about that! You can try the book Disease Proof Your Kids by Dr. Joel Fuhrman if you really want to dig into learning about it. I love that book! It’s got recipes too, and it’s how I learned about green smoothies.

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