Welcome to the New dkMommy Spot!

845105_775765781.jpgYes, it’s the Grand Opening of my new location! If you’re a reader of The Mommy Spot, you’ll need just a moment to catch your breath. I know, isn’t it roomy? You’ll still find all the old posts here, and I’ll still be posting on natural remedies, chemical-free living, and good food. But more good things are coming, so keep visiting!

If you’re a subscriber to The Mommy Spot, please take a moment to subscribe in the sidebar so you don’t miss a thing. While the old site will still be there, the new posts and information will only be added here. Besides, there are lots of great dkMommy Spot Grand Opening Giveaways you won’t want to miss out on! Those will start tomorrow, February 15th, 2008. I’ll be moving the furniture around here, I’m sure, until the dust settles. So you’ll be seeing more fun changes as we go. And while we’re talking about all the changes, I must take a moment to thank my husband who spent many hours setting this up, asking me questions, and moving things around again.

So take a look around, peruse, have a piece of virtual cake (calorie-free, dear), and come back often!

P.S. If you’ve left comments at The Mommy Spot over the last week, you may notice they’re missing here. Some got lost in the shuffle, but if I can manage to get them moved over, I certainly will!

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