Well, Swiffer my Floors and Call me Shirley!

Heaven knows why you’d call me Shirley, but my floors are Swiffered! I don’t do product reviews very often, but when the Swiffer people asked me if I’d review their Swiffer SweeperVac, I couldn’t resist. Images of granola crumbs and onion skins on my kitchen floor sprung to mind, and I couldn’t answer “yes” quickly enough when asked if I wanted one. Unlike the Swiffer WetJet, you don’t have to spray anything on your floor first, which is a big plus for this chemical-free, vinegar toting mama. The Vac still has one of those Swiffer cloths attached to it, and you go over your floor once with the vacuum off, then go at it again with the vacuum on. I’m a busy mom with lots of corner-cutting experience, so I’ve forgone that part and had no problem. As long as no one spills an entire bag of flax seed on the floor, this vac should do the job. It’s more for the in-between jobs and has a small filter and removable dust catcher, so it’s great for getting those little thingies off the floor that toddlers like to pinch at and then store in their cheeks. Oh, and it gets under the fridge and stove where the really big dust bunnies hide. The best part? It’s cordless. The Swiffer Vac plugs in to charge and then you’re off. I use this thing at least once a day, as I am not the neatest chef on the block. I’ll even admit I have fun cleaning with it! (Just don’t let my husband know I used “cleaning” and “fun” in the same sentence. He might start calling me Shirley.)

2 thoughts on “Well, Swiffer my Floors and Call me Shirley!

  1. My husband always calls me Shirley. I say, “pass the butter, please.” and he says, “Surely.” I don’t understand why he can’t rememeber my name!!
    Seriously, this product sounds great. I hate cleaning floors. Maybe this will add some fun to it.

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