We’re Back! That, and a few remedies for stress relief… go figure

Me facing off with a hacker (I'm the really big one)

Looks like dkM is finally back in the saddle, and not without much hair pulling and frustration beforehand.  The site was indeed hacked, but I think I’m finally done involuntarily selling the pharmaceuticals I usually aim to replace with more natural substances.  For those of you who offered your support, thank you so much!  And thanks for sticking with me.  With almost 1,000 posts and 3 1/2 years of blogging into this, the whole experience was pretty unnerving.

We’re still checking for issues (or should I say a professional is – I’m not that adept, although I’ve enjoyed imagining the bear scenario), but so far it looks like things will be functioning normally.

What did I do over the last week to curb my stress and circumvent writing nasty letters to unknown hackers?  I will confess to more than a few cups of herbal tea, chamomile among them.  But there was the less conventional mullein root tea.  I started using mullein root (Verbascum thapsus) for my back last year and I found the relaxing effects to be really – well, noticeable.  Nothing druggy or weird, just something that would definitely take out the knots and leave me in a comfortable state.  You can’t buy mullein root commercially, but if you know the plant well, or if you know an herbalist who does, you can dig up the roots any time of year.  I just wash them well and then chop and dry.  The tea doesn’t have much taste, but you’ll know you drank it.  I wouldn’t recommend it before driving, however.  The tincture is milder in that case.

Me after some mullein root tea. Notice how limber the back is.

To get myself to sleep so I didn’t lay in bed obsessing over how to get to Trinidad or Bangladesh or a second floor apartment somewhere in the heart of Prague (or wherever hackers hide, maybe a potato field in Iowa?) I stuck with the old reliable cat mint tincture.  About 20 drops of that before bed, then some lavender oil, and nighty-night.  And I didn’t wake up feeling dopey.  Gentle and reliable stuff!

Now I can celebrate with a wild cup of yerba mate.  Nice green tea with lots of health benefits.  Wakes up the brain, allows you to think clearly and conjure up all manner of blog posts in record time.  I might be needing more…

Thanks again to all of you for sticking by me!  I’m very glad to see the email subscriber numbers didn’t drop off very much at all.  Some of you emailed me to let me know you’d be back on board once everything was cleaned up, and I very much appreciate that!  Now back to that yerba mate…

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